Looking to kick off a thorough cleaning of your home before the year ends? Renting a small roll off dumpster can make the process so much more convenient without the need to haul waste to the landfill yourself. Read on to find out more from Bargain Bins.

Rent a small roll off dumpster to start decluttering your home

Now is the best time to declutter and create a cleaner space in your home. Unwanted junk can pile up if you do not declutter at least once or twice a year. Renting a small roll off dumpster for projects such as this can help the process move along smoothly and more cost-effectively. 

Bargain Bin’s Clutter Buster (3 cubic yard dumpster) is ideal for cleaning and decluttering a home effectively. This is about 6 times the size of a large 96 gallon trash bin or over 9 times the size of a 64 gallon bin you might have for your residential trash service. The cost of renting this dumpster size is $140 for a seven day period. 

What can a small roll off dumpster hold?

A small roll off dumpster used for home cleaning purposes can hold almost all non-hazardous items such as household trash, yard waste, broken toys, construction debris and more. However, it is important to read the rental agreement thoroughly and speak to the experts at the Bargain Bins beforehand to understand what can and cannot be put into the dumpster. For a complete list of acceptable and prohibited items, visit the Bargain Bins website. 

The usefulness of a small roll off dumpster when moving

We know you love your home and have decorated it to align with your personality. But have you noticed that when you move, you suddenly realize the amount of junk you have accumulated over time? Thus, renting a small roll off dumpster to haul away the unwanted junk and waste can make the whole process of moving so much more seamless.

A small roll off dumpster is ideal for small to medium cleanouts. These dumpsters from Bargain Bins come in 3, 12, 15 and 20 cubic yard capacities to accommodate projects of any size. 

Clutter Buster small roll off dumpsters

As mentioned previously, you can rent our 3 cubic yard Clutter Buster dumpster for $140 for the week. This is the smallest dumpster size offered by Bargain Bins and is ideal to haul items too large, bulky or heavy that won’t fit in your residential trash bin. 

Small roll-off dumpsters are ideal for home projects as they can fit easily in driveways or pathways without being obstructed. Small roll off dumpsters can hold a range of waste and household items including furniture, general trash and some appliances.

For more information on small roll off dumpsters and our dumpster rental service, contact Bargain Bins today!