Dumpster rental services in Manitou Springs

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Dumpster rental services in Manitou Springs

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Where can you find dumpster rental services in Manitou Springs? Bargain Bins specializes in providing roll-off dumpsters of all sizes to homes and businesses throughout the Colorado Springs region.

As an eccentric town bounded by Pike’s Peak and canyon walls, Manitou Springs is often home to a range of developments and renovations. These projects produce a lot of waste, which needs to be managed efficiently and as affordably as possible. A roll-off dumpster, delivered to your premises, and then hauled away when your project is complete, helps to make your building or clean-out work easier and tidier. Order one of our 12, 15 or 20-yard Max-Series roll-off dumpster, or a three-yard Clutter Buster mini-dumpster, and you can complete the job with less mess and fuss, saving you time and money.

Contact Bargain Bins today to reserve a roll off dumpster or Clutter Buster for your next project. If you have any questions, just contact us! Call us at (719) 527-1301

How to order a roll-off dumpster in Manitou Springs

We have streamlined our process to make it effortless for you to order and use one of our dumpsters. It all happens in four easy steps:

  1. Order your dumpster online or by phone: You can either give us a call or fill in our online request form. If you are not sure which dumpster you need, we can advise you and help you decide.
  2. We deliver your bin and you complete your project: We drop off your bin at your premises, allowing you to continue with your project, disposing of your waste and clutter as you go. The bin is yours for seven days – if you need it for longer, that can also be arranged.
  3. Throw your waste in the bin: All you have to do is clean as you go, disposing of the debris as you progress through your renovation, construction, or home cleanout project. Be sure to check our list of unacceptable materials to ensure that we don’t have to return your items or charge extra fees.
  4. We haul the bin away. Once the job is done, we remove the loaded bin and dispose of the waste inside. You don’t have to think about the waste or its disposal – you don’t even need to be at home when we collect!

FAQ about small roll-off dumpsters in Manitou Springs

Waste disposal is an important part of home decluttering or improvement projects, and both homeowners and contractors should be fully informed before they begin a project. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we are asked about our dumpsters.

It depends on the size of your project. Some home improvement projects will not require anything larger than our Clutter Buster bin, which carries around 1,000lbs of material. At the other end of our range is the Bargain Bin Max 20, a 20-cubic-yard dumpster that holds a maximum of 5,000lbs, making it perfect for large-scale projects. If you are not sure which one to choose, our team will be happy to recommend the right one for you.

The quoted price includes delivery and pickup and a standard seven-day rental period. If you will need the dumpster for longer than that, let us know so we can quote you for the extended rental.

The standard rental period is seven days, but we are flexible as far as that is concerned. If you need it for longer, just let us know. For periods longer than seven days, we charge a daily rate of $5 from November to March and $15 from April to October.

If you finish the job in less than seven days, we will gladly come and collect early. However, the price for the bin rental covers a period of seven days or less, so early collection will not affect the price in any way.

Contact Bargain Bins today if you need affordable and reliable dumpster rental services in Manitou Springs.