An organized home provides both mental and physical comfort. Follow these tips for decluttering your space and replacing anxiety with peace. Bargain Bins will provide you with just the type of bin you need to get clutter-free.

An article published in Psychology Today states that studies show people who keep their homes clean and uncluttered are healthier and more active. Participants who described their homes as cluttered were more likely to feel depressed and tired, with higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. The benefit of a decluttered home far outweighs the effort of getting organized. 

Decluttering tips:

There are many tips for decluttering your space on Pinterest, Instagram and other social media platforms. Here are some of the top tips:

Have a plan

You do not have to declutter your whole home in one week. Decluttering is time- consuming and it is best to have a clear plan. Complete each room in full before moving on to the next one. It will build your confidence and help you stay motivated.

Start with a specific room

Start with rooms such as the living room, bathroom and children’s rooms. The living room and bathroom should be relatively simple to unclutter. Kids tend to leave their toys in a mess, so their rooms will take longer to get clutter-free.

Sort your stuff into piles

Gather bins, baskets or cardboard boxes and allocate each to a specific purpose. Then as you go from room to room, fill each container. Label them as follows: 

  1. Put Away: fill this box with items that are not where they belong, such as a sweatshirt in the living room.
  2. Recycle: this basket will eventually be filled with anything you want to recycle, including electronics or paper.
  3. Fix/Mend: this container will have items to be repaired, such as a favorite teddy bear with a torn ear or shoe heels that need replacing. 
  4. Household Trash: toss items that must go into the household trash here. 
  5. Dumpster: here, you place items that will go into the Bargain Bins dumpster at the end of the day.
  6. Donate: any items you want to donate to another person or charitable organization.

As you finish each room, clear the containers marked ‘put away’, ‘household trash’ and ’dumpster’. Tip: While moving from room to room, make notes of any maintenance required in the room.

Invest in better storage

Fill up your living spaces with storage solutions that are practical and stylish. It can even function as decor. This could be woven baskets or wooden chests, amongst many options. Keep the colors neutral where possible and label them to indicate what is stored inside.

Tip 1: Get kids to participate in decluttering by hanging hooks at their heights. They can then hang up their coats or backpacks rather than tossing them on a chair or table. 

Tip 2: If you have grown children, invite them over to take things they may want at their own homes.

Donate items to a charity

Donate items that are still in good working order or look good enough to wear or play with. Before you donate the items, make sure they are clean. Ask yourself, are the donations something you can imagine another person wanting or needing?

Rent our clutter buster

The Bargain Bins Clutter Buster Bin is a mini-dumpster with a lid and driveway-safe rubber wheels. The homeowner can comfortably move the bin. Its dimensions are 6’ length x 3,5’ width x 4’ height and can carry up to 1,000 pounds of material. It is well-priced at just under $150 and a good choice when you plan to declutter a few rooms.

Bargain Bins dumpster rental service provides residential and commercial roll off dumpsters in various sizes to meet any budget. Get organized with our top tips for decluttering your space and contact us today.