Does your contractor need roll-off containers for a residential project? Are you concerned about the quantity of materials the renovation will generate, and you don’t want your driveway to be damaged? Roll-off container rental is convenient when you use Bargain Bins dumpsters. Our Max Roll-Off series is made from reinforced steel and uniquely designed to hold construction and other waste materials. They also have rubber wheels instead of standard metal wheels, making them safe to use on driveways. Read further for more roll-off container rental tips.

An Overview of Roll-Off Containers

Roll-off dumpsters are big and serve a necessary purpose. When workers throw rubble and other construction materials into a dedicated container, it minimizes safety hazards, and the site stays as clean as possible. Most cities and Homeowners Associations (HOAs) do not allow dumpsters to be placed in the street without a permit. 

Contractors are well informed on city permit requirements, but homeowners must verify with their HOA before renting roll-off dumpsters for a project. Bargain Bins is not exclusively a dirt, rock, or concrete bin company, although we do allow these materials up to specified weight limits in our dumpsters. Since we primarily serve the residential market, we use a hook lift system to place bins exactly where they need to be.

How to Keep Track of Roll-Off Containers

Now that you know your driveway will be safe, are you wondering how to keep track of the roll-off containers you want to rent? The Bargain Bins team understands there are many time constraints on a residential construction project. Our roll-off container rental period is up to 7 days for the published rate, and we keep track of our bins. Clients are, however, required to ensure they keep within the stated timeline to avoid incurring additional charges. When the bin is full, and you need another one for the project, we will give you a swap-out discount for the second bin. 

Types of Roll-Off Containers

There are various types of roll-off containers on the market. Some are specialty items designed to be industrial compactors or recyclers, while those used by Bargain Bins are light-duty, open-top dumpsters specific to the residential market. Our roll-off containers are available in three sizes: 

12-Yard Dumpster: 12’L x 8’W x 4’9″H, equal to approximately 6 pick-up truck loads.

15-Yard Dumpster: 12’L x 8’W x 5’4″H, equal 7.5 pick-up truck loads. 

20-Yard Dumpster: 12’L x 8’W x 6’11″H, equal 10 pick-up truck loads.

The weights highlighted are for regular household and yard debris. Our heavy material and maximum weight guidelines indicate how much construction debris the dumpsters can carry.

Affordable Roll-Off Container Rental Options

Renovation projects can be expensive and often go over budget, whether due to unforeseen circumstances or changes to the design. When you need an affordable roll-off container, look no further than Bargain Bins. Did you notice that we publish our prices? We also provide a 30-day low-price guarantee. Why do we do it? 

Our ownership team has over thirty years of experience working with national and private trash collection companies before starting Bargain Bins. We have a simple business model and pass our savings on to you. We offer discounts, but there are additional charges relevant to specific circumstances, including extra day charges. 

Recycling Roll-Off Containers for Sustainability

Recycling roll-off containers is generally standard practice, as steel is so recyclable it is actually “multi-cycled”. Steel is used over and over again without losing its physical properties. It will be a while before Bargain Bins recycles our roll-off dumpsters as we use equipment manufactured in 2019 or more recently. 

Bargain Bins proudly serves residents, businesses, and contractors within 20 miles of Colorado Springs and the South Metro Denver area. We are experienced in efficient waste management and look forward to providing you with roll-off containers for your renovation project. Contact Bargain Bins today.