Are you researching the cost of waste management for yard waste or a construction project on your residential property? Bargain Bins is a locally-owned business serving the communities of Colorado Springs and South Metro Denver. We are highly affordable and publish our prices to ensure clients are fully informed on the cost of each service. Bargain Bins delivers and collects the dumpsters and bins you rent from us. 

Keep your loved ones safe and the surrounding environment clean by managing waste generated on your residential property. In this article, we discuss the waste management costs related to general, yard, and construction waste removal.    

How Much Does Waste Management Cost?  

How much does waste management cost? It all depends on the type of waste you need to discard and how much there is to manage. Renovating a home or patio area is exciting, but it generates a lot of waste materials. Our Bargain Bins services include Green Bag pickup, a 3-yard Clutter Buster bin, and various Max roll off dumpsters. Waste facilities have strict rules about the materials they accept, and we, in turn, must clearly communicate which materials customers can throw in our bins. Are you wondering what is acceptable or unacceptable? Our materials guideline is a great help. 

What Does Waste Management Dumpster Rental Cost?  

The Bargain Bins advertised waste management dumpster rental rate means you can rent the bin or dumpster for up to 7 days, whether you choose a Clutter Buster or Max Roll Off. We offer swap out and multiple bin discounts, while our additional charges include costs for extra day charges and a fuel surcharge. We also charge extra if you want a lockable Clutter Buster bin.  

What about unacceptable materials? We remove them if they are found in a Bargain Bins dumpster on your property. If we discover them while dumping the bin, the waste management dumpster rental cost will increase due to us having to dispose of the prohibited items.

Understanding Yard Waste Removal Costs 

An annual yard cleanup is an exciting time for someone who loves gardening. The cost of waste removal for your yard should be included in your yearly gardening budget. Did you know that renting a Bargain Bins Max 12 Yard Dumpster saves you the equivalent of six pick-up truck loads? Just imagine the savings you can use for your garden! 

What yard waste can you put in a Bargain Bins dumpster?

  • Leaves
  • Mulch
  • Sand
  • Shrubs
  • Sod
  • Tree clippings
  • Trim materials
  • Lawn furniture
  • Metal furniture
  • Other general yard waste.

Bargain Bins cannot assist you with discarding gardening-related chemicals. However, if you live in an area served by the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility, they will accept various lawn and garden fertilizers, poisons, and preservatives.  

Factors Affecting Construction Waste Removal Cost   

Several regulations guide the management of waste generated by contractors, whether for renovation, new construction, or demolition. Construction waste can be bulky and heavy. These are the main factors affecting the Bargain Bins construction waste removal cost and could require renting a bigger dumpster.

Height. Construction material cannot stick out of the top of a dumpster as it must be tarped for traveling. Leveling off materials means you can fit more inside the bin.

Weight. Our bins and dumpsters have a limited included weight, but heavy construction materials such as brick and cinder blocks immediately cut down the allowed weight.  

Budgeting for Large Dumpster Rental Cost   

Bargain Bins is not a dirt, rock, or concrete bin company, although we do allow these materials in limited quantities in our dumpsters. Consider our Bargain Bins Max roll offs when calculating your large dumpster rental cost. They are available in 12, 15 and 20 yard sizes and have rubber wheels instead of standard metal wheels to protect concrete slabs and driveways. Did you know our heavy material and maximum weight guideline indicates how much sod and concrete gets your Bargain Bins dumpster to maximum weight? It is very useful!

Why do you want to make multiple trips to the dump when you can rent a Bargain Bins dumpster or bin? We make your waste management experience easy and cost-effective. Book our service online or give us a call. Don’t let the cost of waste management discourage you. Contact Bargain Bins today!