15 Yard Dumpsters



Bargain Bin Max 15 Yard Dumpster


Colorado Springs

$255 for up to 7 days
Call (719) 527-1301


$265 for up to 7 days
Call (303) 406-2660

12’L x 8’W x 5’4″H

Approximate Truck Load
7.5 Pick-up Truck Loads

Price includes up to 4,000 lbs. of material

Note – this 15 yard dumpster bin, packed full of regular household and yard debris, will rarely exceed this weight. It is only when heavy debris, like dirt, rock, and concrete are loaded will this become an issue. See our heavy material and maximum weight guidelines.


  • Swap-out & multi-bin discounts are available – Receive a $20 discount if you swap bins or have multiple bins delivered and hauled away on the same dates.
  • Military and Senior (65+) – $10 discount (must contact office)

Additional fees

  • 5 cents per pound over the allowed weight
  • Extra day charge
  • See our list of unacceptable items and weight restrictions as they may result in additional fees
  • A fuel surcharge of $20 to $35 may be added depending upon location

When To Get A 15 Yard Dumpster

Size matters when it comes to getting rid of garbage. Some jobs require more than a pick-up truck to haul debris away so you need a bigger option like a 15 yard dumpster. How do you know what size bin to get? That all depends on the job you are doing and the location. The 15 yard dumpster dimensions are 12’L x 8’W x 5’4″H and they can fit around 7 ½ pick-up truck loads of yard waste.

Here Are 3 Things to Consider if You Think You Need a 15 Cubic Yard Dumpster

There are many factors to take into consideration when you want to get your dumpster as soon as possible. Getting the right size dumpster that is the right size for your project, is what will determine the cost of your roll-off dumpster rental and rental period. With our 15-yard roll-off dumpster, the weight limit is not something you need to worry too much about. We have affordable dumpster size options for all your waste removal needs.

So take your time to ponder on these 3 things when you decide to rent a 15 yard container from Bargain Bins:

Load Size

Understanding what you are throwing out will dictate the size of the bin you need. This medium-sized dumpster will be perfect for large home renovations and additions as well as garage and yard clean-up. Because you can fit larger items in this bin, your whole project can probably be cleaned up with only one dumpster. Bargain Bins dumpsters all have rubber wheels so they can be safely dropped off on your driveway.


While most sized bins can carry the same type of garbage, this bin can accommodate larger materials like plywood and other construction waste. They are also great for concrete, brick, sod, roof shingles, cabinets, bathtubs, old carpet, and many other bulky items. There is some material that you can’t load in so check with your waste management company for a complete list of what your dumpster can handle.

Delivery Guidelines

Because this is a 15 yard roll off dumpster, you need to be aware of the space where you want to place your dumpster. Be mindful of buildings, trees, and shrubbery at home. The area should be level and have enough room to drop off the bin and pull out the truck. You also need clear space above in order to tip the bin as it rolls off. When you call for pick up, make sure the bin is not overloaded so the driver can tarp it for transport. A 15 yard roll-off dumpster may not be delivered at an exact time during the day so as long as the spot remains clear, you don’t need to be there when it’s dropped off. It will be taken to the landfill and a new one delivered to your driveway if need be.

This should give you an idea of when to rent a 15 yard dumpster. Bargain Bins can provide the right bin for the job. Call us today for more information.

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