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If you are taking on a remodel project big or small, then you need our dumpster rental in Monument. Whether it be renovating a dilapidated home or building, remodeling a room, or even planning a landscape project for a garden, you will need to have a waste solution in place. Bargain Bins meets this need by providing contractors and Monument’s residents with small roll-off dumpsters, residential dumpsters, and small construction dumpsters. This way, you can fill your Bargain Bin while working, keep your space clear of debris, and have your dumpster removed away for you. A perfect solution to keeping your site presentable while getting on with your project.

About Our Dumpster Rental Company in Monument

At Bargain Bins, we pride ourselves on being Monument’s preferred choice for dumpster rentals. With a commitment to exceptional service and affordability, we offer a range of residential-friendly options tailored to fit projects of any size. Our Max Series 12, 15, and 20-yard roll-offs feature innovative “driveway-friendly” designs with rubber wheels, ensuring precise placement without the need for boards. As a locally owned company, we prioritize community involvement and ethical practices, backed by over 30 years of industry experience.

Clutter Buster Rentals in Monument

Our clutter buster dumpsters offer the ideal solution for home and small business waste management. Designed with driveway-safe rubber wheels for easy maneuverability, this dumpster features a secure lid, perfect for extended projects. Priced competitively at $140 for up to 7 days, it includes disposal of up to 1,000 lbs. of material. Whether for home renovations or business cleanup, Clutter Buster Rentals provides a cost-effective and convenient waste disposal option.

Our Max Dumpster Rentals in Monument

Our max dumpster rentals provide convenient roll-off dumpster rental in Monument. Whether you’re tackling a small home renovation or a large construction project, our max dumpster series ensures you find the perfect roll-off bin. You can choose between our 12-yard, 15-yard, and 20-yard dumpsters.

Max 12

Our max 12 dumpsters offer a versatile solution for your debris removal needs. With a capacity of 12 cubic yards, this dumpster is ideal for projects that fall between small renovations and larger construction.

It accommodates up to 3,000 lbs. of material, suitable for regular household and yard debris. However, heavier materials like dirt, rock, or concrete may incur additional charges due to weight restrictions.

Max 15

Our max 15 dumpster is ideal for tackling medium-sized projects with ease. With dimensions of 12’L x 8’W x 5’4″H, this 15 cubic yard dumpster can hold up to 7 ½ pick-up truck loads of yard waste or household debris. It’s perfect for renovations, clean-outs, and landscaping jobs. The rental price includes up to 4,000 lbs. of material, ensuring cost-effectiveness for most jobs. Keep in mind, that heavier materials like dirt and concrete may incur additional fees at 5 cents per pound over the limit.

Max 20

Our max 20 dumpster is perfect for handling substantial projects with ease. With dimensions of 12’L x 8’W x 6’11″H, this 20 cubic yard Monument dumpster rental can accommodate a wide range of debris, from home renovations to large construction jobs. The rental price includes up to 5,000 lbs. of debris, ensuring cost-effectiveness for most projects. However, heavy materials like dirt and concrete may incur additional fees at 5 cents per pound over the limit.

Residential and Contractor Bins in Monument

Bargain Bins offers versatile dumpster solutions for both residential and contractor needs in Monument. For homeowners tackling renovations or clean-outs, our residential dumpsters provide a convenient way to manage debris without multiple trips to the dump. Available in various sizes, these dumpsters are driveway-friendly with rubber wheels, ensuring easy placement and removal. Contractors can rely on our sturdy contractor garbage bins, ideal for construction sites of any size. Whether you need to dispose of concrete, wood, or general construction waste, a dumpster rental in Monument is equipped to handle it all.

About Monument

Monument, known as one of the oldest towns in Colorado was originally called Henry’s Station as it was just a stop along the Rio Grande Railroad and then developed into a small town. Since then, the community has substantially established Monument into a modern town, which hosts around 7000 residents and continues to grow as a sought-after residential area. Situated in the heart of Pikes Peaks with breath-taking views of Pikes National Forest and just twenty minutes away from Colorado Springs, commuting families look to reside in Monument for its suburban, quaint lifestyle while gaining access to nearby major work and leisure opportunities.

How Much Land Development is Happening in Monument?

Monument has seen unprecedented growth in land development due to meeting the increasing demand of the population. Families and property investors are flocking to Monument for the attractive ‘Colorado lifestyle’ it offers. The town is receiving a large number of proposals for both residential and commercial development to accommodate these residents to shop, enjoy entertainment, and work close to their homes.

Are you undergoing a construction project in Monument and urgently need to get rid of unwanted debris to efficiently complete your project without the worry of driving up and down with loads of waste to dispose of? Book your delivery date with Bargain Bins today and select the right bin for your needs and budget from our range of small roll-off dumpsters, residential dumpsters, and small construction dumpsters.

FAQ About Small Rolloff Dumpsters in Monument

Let us answer some questions about renting roll-off dumpsters in Monument.

If you are not sure about which size dumpster is right for your project, it is advisable to contact our team at Bargain Bins, as we will assess the correct size according to the duration of your project and the needs of your project.

The quoted price includes delivery of your chosen dumpster, on-site rental usage, removal, and disposal of your bin/bins as long as they are not over the weight limit and do not hold restricted garbage inside. All details of this will be discussed with you to ensure you are well informed before placing your order.

With Bargain Bins’ rental service, you can keep your dumpster for 7 days, giving you ample time to complete your project and create space for productive work to continue. If you require more rental days, it is better to request additional days at your time of order to ensure it is not allocated to someone else.

Contact Bargain Bins today for an affordable dumpster rental in Monument.