Residential waste management is effortless when you have a plan and work with quality service providers such as Bargain Bins. People use and discard items daily but don’t always understand their value. Did you know producing aluminum from recycled cans and foil uses 95% less energy than generating it from raw materials? Saving electricity is good for everyone. Just imagine the difference it will make when every household in your community recycles their cans!  

There is always trash that cannot go into a standard household or recycling bin when cleaning out the garage or basement. What can you do with broken bikes, toys, and the insulation you removed from the attic but forgot to throw out? Put it all into a Bargain Bins Clutter Buster or Max Roll Off dumpster. We make residential dumpster rental easy! Let’s see what else we can share in our residential waste management guide. 

Effective Residential Waste Collection

Effective residential waste collection starts with making positive choices, preparation, and encouraging good habits. Ensure you have separate household bins to recycle paper, glass, plastic, cans, and everything else your recycling service provider takes. Keep a lidded bucket for the food scraps you throw onto the compost heap every day. When the whole family gets into the habit of sorting the trash, there will be no fights about putting it out to be collected.  

Are you doing seasonal pruning in your yard? You can put all the tree clippings, leaves, dead shrubs, and old sod from your planters into the Bargain Bins dumpster. We even take lawn, metal, and old wooden patio furniture! They are all acceptable materials.

Responsible Residential Waste Treatment Tips

Have you counted how many items you and your loved ones use that have batteries? All our electronics work with batteries, you carry one around everywhere you go inside your cellphone! The Call2Recycle project specializes in recycling batteries, including rechargeable, single-use, high-energy, cellphone, and even e-bike batteries.  

Every home has expired medicines, but what can you do with them? The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) has several suggestions, including ways to safely dispose of medical needles. They state that the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility will take needles. See more tips from the CDPHE when you want to dispose of products found in your home.

Residential Waste Disposal Services for Households

Standard residential waste disposal services include recycling and local trash collection companies. We have all seen the videos doing the rounds when kids have their favorite garbage collector. Bargain Bins cannot help with these services, but we have exactly what you need when you are busy with a bathroom renovation project. Rent a bin or roll off dumpster that is an appropriate size for your project. 

Our Clutter Buster Bin is equal to 1.5 pick-up truck loads and has a lockable lid. Throw your old bathtub, toilet, and construction debris into the bin, and we will collect it when the Clutter Buster is full. 

Why You Need a Residential Bin Rental

Why do you want to load your trash in a pick-up truck and make multiple trips to the dump when residential bin rental is all you need? Bargain Bins makes it as easy as possible. Order a dumpster online or over the phone, and we will deliver it to your home. We advertise our fees so you can make an informed decision. The cost includes renting a bin or dumpster for up to 7 days. Throw allowable materials from your project into the dumpster and we will haul them away. If the bin is conveniently placed, you don’t even have to be home when we collect it.

Bargain Bins is a highly affordable home and residential contractor dumpster and roll off company, serving Colorado Springs and South Metro Denver. We are ready to help with residential waste management where your garbage and recycling provider cannot. Contact Bargain Bins today.