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Residential Bins

Bargain Bins provides affordable Rentals, residential-friendly roll off and residential trash bins in Colorado Springs. From small household projects such as a garage cleanout to major renovation projects, Bargain Bins has an option perfect for any homeowner. Book with us today!

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Do You Need A Residential Dumpster or Bin?

When you are starting a major renovation project or cleaning out your garage or basement, you need somewhere to put all the junk. A residential dumpster is the answer. While you could load all your trash in a truck and make multiple trips to the dump yourself, hiring a local, family-owned company to drop off a residential dumpster right to your home is much more convenient. It is also cost-effective when you consider your time and the fees you pay at the local dump, and you’re not dirtying and potentially damaging your personal vehicle loading and unloading garbage.

Residential dumpsters can be delivered within a day or two, and you can keep them for 7 days. Having a bin in your driveway makes it easy to discard your trash right out your front door or the garage. There are a variety of sizes to choose from so they can accommodate regular garbage as well as larger items. This will also keep your home project clean and organized. The last thing you want is junk lying around your home. This can make your neighbors angry and just be an eyesore.

So what kinds of things can you use a residential dumpster for?

Home Renovations

When you take on a renovation project at home, there are lots of materials and garbage to deal with. You may be ripping out carpets and tile or even drywall and wood framing. Whatever you tear out needs to be thrown out. Then you will be bringing in new material and furniture for your space. That all comes in packaging. Cardboard and plastic wrapping has to be discarded. If you have a residential dumpster service, everything can be hauled away together.

Spring Cleaning

We accumulate lots of stuff over the years. As new items come in, old items get stored for later use. Spring is a good time to assess what you no longer need and want to get rid of. Having a large bin to load unwanted items is very convenient. You won’t need to take countless trips to the garbage dump, pay dump fees, and you can more easily get rid of oversized items.

Rental Property Clean outs

If you own rental properties or are a property manager, you have undoubtedly found yourself in a situation where a tenant vacates a house and leaves behind loads of trash and old useless furniture. This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of a residential dumpster to quickly clean out a rental property. In many cases, you can recover the cost of the dumpster from the former tenant.

New Landscaping Projects

If you are getting ready for a backyard makeover, be sure to include a residential dumpster. There’s nothing worse than moving things twice, but with a bin, you can toss old shrubs and wheelbarrow loads of debris straight inside. Most companies will accept sand, dirt, plants, and concrete, as well as any other yard waste you to get rid of. Old lawn furniture can be tossed inside as well.

Weddings, Family Reunions, and Parties

Having a large event or gathering at your home is great. You can utilize your house as well as the backyard to host a wedding or party and can make it a day to remember. When it’s all over you will be left with lots of garbage to deal with. This is where a residential dumpster service is vital. You can have one delivered after your event for easy cleanup. Bins come in various sizes to suit your needs, and can be arranged in advance and picked up when you are finished.

Waste your trash company won’t pick up

There are lots of items that your regular garbage pickup won’t take. This can include everything from appliances and furniture to carpet and drywall. Residential dumpster services can provide a way of getting rid of this junk and more. While there are some items they can’t take like paints, wet materials, and hazardous waste, they can haul away many items your regular garbage service won’t.

When you want to get rid of lots of junk, a residential trash dumpster is the answer. Bargain Bins can provide you with several residential dumpster sizes depending on your needs, and their dumpsters are “driveway friendly” with rubber wheels. Customer service and affordability are their top priorities so when you need a residential dumpster rental, the choice is simple. Call Bargain Bins today for more information about our residential trash bins.

How Bargain Bins Works

When you rent a roll off dumpster from Bargain Bins in the Colorado Springs area, you are choosing quality at an affordable price.

Whether you’re decluttering your home or garage, doing heavy-duty yard cleanup or need to dispose of construction debris, Bargain Bins is here to help!

bargain bin

Rent a Bin

Bargain Bins makes it easy to reserve a bin. Book online or call us to find the right Bargain Bin for your project. With same-day and after-hours service, your bin could be in your driveway by the end of the day!

cleaning brush

Clear Out Your Junk

Start working on your project and cleaning out your junk. There’s no need to rush. All reservations are made for at least a full 7-day period.

roll off dumpster

Use Your Bargain Bin

When you’re ready, put your junk – bagged or un-bagged right in the bin. Keep our material guidelines in mind as you work through your project.

garbage van

We’ll Haul Your Junk Away

Go ahead, pat yourself on the back. After all your hard work, you deserve it. You’re your reservation is complete we’ll haul your bin and all that junk away.

Acceptable & Unacceptable Materials

Use this list to see if Bargain Bins is right for your project. If unacceptable material is found on site, it will be removed. If it is found upon dumping the bin, it will be returned and customer will be assessed an $85 fee per item and any fines administered, plus 10%.

Acceptable Materials

What can I put in a roll off container? Here is the solution: these are the materials that Bargain Bins will accept in our roll-off containers.

  • Appliances*

  • Bathtubs

  • Bikes

  • Broken Toys

  • Brush

  • Cabinets

  • Cardboard

  • Carpet

  • Construction Debris

  • Demolition/ Drywall Debris
  • Doors

  • Food Waste (bagged only)**
  • Flooring

  • Glass

  • Grill (without gas tank)

  • Household Junk

  • Insulation

  • Lawn Furniture

  • Leaves

  • Mattresses***

  • Metal Furniture

  • Metals

  • Mulch

  • Old Luggage

  • Packaging Materials

  • Paneling

  • Paper

  • Plastics

  • Plywood

  • Rugs

  • Sand

  • Screens

  • Shrubs

  • Siding

  • Sinks

  • Sod

  • Toilets

  • Tree Clippings

  • Trim Materials

  • Windows

  • Wooden Furniture

  • Yard Waste

* Appliances do not include refrigerators or freezers
** Additional fee of $25 applies to Denver only.
*** Up to 2 mattresses or box springs included. Additional $105 charge per mattress or box spring.

Unacceptable Materials

None of these materials are accepted in our roll-off containers. If found on site or upon dumping the bin, the material will be returned, and you will be fined.

  • Toxic or Hazardous Waste

  • Electronics

  • Medical Waste

  • Asbestos

  • Batteries

  • Carcasses

  • Chemicals

  • Fluorescent Bulbs

  • Food Waste (unbagged)

  • Freezers

  • Fuel

  • Hot Tar*
  • Liquids

  • Oil

  • Paint

  • Propane Tanks

  • Railroad Ties

  • Refrigerators

  • Tires

  • Wet Concrete

  • Adherent Substances

  • Wet Glue

  • Wet Paint

  • Wet Plaster

*Any other “sticky substance” that would require removal from bin walls.

Clutter Busting Tips

Not sure where to start on your decluttering project? Take a look at our clutter busting tips for residential cleanout projects!


Reserve the Right Sized Container

When you have a big decluttering project, one pickup truck is not going to be enough. Bargain Bins has a variety of roll off containers that fit projects big and small. Rent one today to get started!

Decluttering tips

Create a Sorting System

Organization is key to a successful decluttering project. Sort everything into one of four piles: keep, donate/sell, throw out, put it storage.

Decluttering tips

Make Sure Everything Has a Place

You’ve sorted, you’ve donated and you’ve thrown all of your junk into your Bargain Bins rental. Now, you need to make sure everything left has a place.

Residential Dumpster FAQs

We know you have questions about the residential dumpster rental process. Check out our answers to the frequently-asked questions about our roll off container rentals below.

What do I do with the stuff you can’t take?2021-03-02T06:43:58-07:00

As a resident of El Paso County, we are fortunate to have an excellent source in the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility. They take many of the items we can’t accept free of charge year around and also accept additional items like tires, mattresses and large TVs at their Clean Sweep Events, usually held four times per year. The following are links to their annual recycle guide and their Clean Sweep event calendar .

How Full Can I Fill The Dumpster?2021-03-02T06:43:58-07:00

Nothing should be over the top of the container. Materials that exceed the top of the container may require removal for safe transporting before we pick up the dumpster.  By law we are required to tarp each load for safe transport.  The customer is responsible for removing excess debris and a $50 return trip fee will be charged to cover our cost.

Is There A Weight Limit?2021-03-02T06:43:58-07:00

Yes, since disposal is a very high percentage of the cost, each bin has an allowable weight for the price. MAX Series-

  • 12yd – 3,000lbs
  • 15yd – 4,000lbs
  • 20yd – 5,000lbs

Anything over these limits is charged at 4 cents per pound.

Unless heavy debris is loaded, rarely will the bin weight exceed the included weight.

Legally, we can only carry up to 7,000 lbs. If the bin is over this, customer must off load, pay a $75 trip fee and be charged $15 per day until off-loaded.

With our Clutter Buster, 1,000lbs. is the heaviest weight we can take.  If over, the customer will be required to offload.

What About Heavy Debris Like Dirt, Rock, Concrete, Tile, Sod, etc ?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

As a convenience we accept very limited amounts. Keep in mind, this material often weighs 2,000-lbs. per yard. A 12-yd MAX filled with this material would weight 24,000 lbs. If you plan to throw out more than a yard, you need to order from a company with the big trucks.  See bin capacities for estimated volumes allowed.

Can I put Tires, Mattresses or Empty Paint Cans Into The Dumpster?2023-12-17T14:23:21-07:00

If you place tires in the roll-off dumpster, there will be an additional $25 charge per tire. Mattress and box springs are an additional charge. Paint cans are okay as long as the paint is dried out. If you have liquid paint, it will be accepted for no charge at the El Paso County Hazardous Waste drop off facility. See the El Paso County Recycling Guide.

What Items Are Restricted From Your Dumpsters?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

See our list of Unacceptable Items. Also, please refer to the El Paso County Recycling Guide for where you can take the unacceptable items.

If you are unsure if an item or items are acceptable just call us and we will assist you. Any of the above items not previously discussed and discovered at the landfill will incur an additional charge of $85 per item.

How Much Notice Do You Need?2021-03-02T06:50:22-07:00

Turnaround time depends upon demand and equipment availability. Typically we can do next day, but don’t count on it. Reserving in advance is a good thing. If you cancel your order 48 hours in advance, your payment will be fully refunded. If you decide to cancel less than 48 hours prior to your service day a $75 charge will be made and the balance of the payment returned.

Can You Set The Dumpster In The Street?2023-12-17T14:18:38-07:00

Most cities and HOA communities do not allow dumpsters to be placed in the street without a permit. Fortunately, we have equipment that allows us to place our bins on property when others can’t. A 04_temporary_surface_revocable_permit_application_requirements.pdf ( from the City of Colorado Springs is required, and this can take two to four days for approval with a $50 fee.  You may want to check with your HOA requirements as well.

It is the customer’s responsibility to check with local municipalities to determine if a permit is required. It is also the customer’s responsibility to check with their HOA for regulations regarding dumpster rentals. We will do our very best to assist you.

Complete the online application for the 04_temporary_surface_revocable_permit_application_requirements.pdf ( for Colorado Springs.

Do I Need To Be Home At The Time of Delivery and Pick Up?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Being home at time of delivery and removal is not required, although we may call while on site to confirm proper placement of the bin.

Do You Have Additional Fees?2022-02-23T14:35:36-07:00

Our price covers delivery, removal and disposal for bins that are within our allowed weight limits, do not have unacceptable waste or items that have additional fees. We currently charge an additional fuel surcharge that varies depending upon where you are located in our coverage area.

Do You Offer Any Discounts for Veterans & Seniors (65+)?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Yes. Bargain Bins offers a $10 discount for military personnel and seniors 65 and older. Only one discount applies per household.

Can I Move The Dumpster?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Customers are prohibited from moving our MAX bins. If you would like us to move the dumpster from one location to another you can call in and make arrangements with our staff. A relocation fee of $75 will be collected for this service.

Our 3-Yard Clutter Buster Bins can be moved by the customer with care. Keep in mind, you are fully responsible for any damage the bin may cause or injuries you may incur.

What Do You Mean By “Driveway Friendly?”2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

We have no idea of the pre-existing condition of your driveway and subsurface, so we do not take responsibility for driveway damage. We do, however, take the utmost care while delivering and removing the bin and have upgraded all of our dumpsters with driveway friendly rubber rollers (wheels) made out of recycled truck tires.

Do Dumpsters Have Any Safety Precautions?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Yes, please refer to the Guidelines tab on our website.

What Happens If I Damage The Dumpster or Roll Off?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

The customer is responsible for any damage caused to the dumpster while it is under a rental agreement with you. For example, all unauthorized moving of a dumpster causing damage, pouring wet paint or other sticky material into the dumpster, paint overspray or graffiti that defaces or mars the surface and appearance of the dumpster, or using heavy equipment to drop heavy loads into the dumpster causing dents in its interior and exterior sheet metal. Repairs for dumpster damage will be charged to customer.

How Long Can I Keep My Dumpster Rental?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Bargain Bins standard rates are for 7 days. If additional days are needed, we strongly recommend requesting additional days at the time you order. This will reserve your rental and ensure the roll off or dumpster is not committed to a future customer after 7 days. Additional fees apply for additional days and there is no guarantee that you will be able to keep the dumpster extra days once your order has been placed. See our fee schedule. We will do our best to accommodate your needs.

How Do I Pay For My Dumpster Rental?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

The preferred and most common method is by making an advance payment through a credit or debit card. This reserves the delivery slot. On certain occasions, check or cash can be arranged on delivery.

Are You A Local Company?2021-03-02T06:43:59-07:00

Yes, Bargain Bins LLC opened December 2019 in Monument, Colorado. The owner, Rick has over 30 years’ experience working for and running large waste and recycling companies. Bargain Bins LLC was created to provide a sensible dumpster service at residential properties. 100% of the decisions are made by Rick, so if you have a question, don’t be afraid to ask.

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