Quality dumpster rental services in Woodmoor

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Quality dumpster rental services in Woodmoor

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If you are a contractor or resident of Woodmoor, having the right dumpster service can give you peace of mind through the year. Be it construction, landscaping, or renovation, the amount of waste produced can be overwhelming. Bargain Bins can be your go to for the most reliable and efficient small, medium, or large roll off dumpster service in the Woodmoor area.

Median property values and homes in Woodmoor

In April 2021, the median property value of homes in Woodmoor was estimated at $600K, increasing by 15.9% annually. The area boasts of eight highly desired public schools, making it a lovely residential haven for homeowners. According to recent reports in 2021, the current sales-to-list ratio in the area is just over 1, which means homes are sold over listing price, and purchase contracts are offered, negotiated, and accepted in just 3 to 6 days.

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Tips for small roll off dumpster rentals in Woodmoor

Having a remodel or renovation job can mean large amounts of debris and waste to dispose of. At times, your construction site may need multiple dumpster bins in various locations. But with such a variety of bins to choose from, which one do you rent? Here are our top tips to select the right roll off dumpster:

  1. Size matters: It is imperative to determine the size of dumpster you need, based on the amount of waste produced. Bargain Bins stocks a variety of sizes exactly right for your needs.
  2. Know what is acceptable: As contractors, you may have varied types of waste to throw out. However, most rental companies have strict rules on what is acceptable and what is not when it comes to waste. Some unacceptable materials are toxic waste, medical waste, hot tar, oil, paint, wet glue, appliances, and food waste.
  3. Read customer reviews: Before finalizing your dumpster service company, do your homework by reading testimonials and customer reviews in the area to avoid any mishaps or disappointments.

FAQ on small roll-off dumpsters

Now that you have decided to rent your own dumpster bin, we want to answer some of your Frequently Asked Questions:

The most unacceptable waste can be handed over to the El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility all year around.

By law, we are required to tarp the load before transportation. This means that trash can’t be higher than the top of the dumpster. The prescribed weights for the bins are follows:

  •  12-yard bin: 3,000lbs
  • 15-yard bin: 4,000lbs
  • 20-yard bin: 5,000lbs

Dumpsters that are overweight will be charged $0.05 per pound over the above listed limits. There is a maximum legal limit of 7,000lbs. Therefore we cannot remove any dumpster over 7,000lbs.

The standard rate for Bargain Bins is 7 days. However, you can request additional days when you place the order.

The preferred method of payment is by debit or credit card.

Customers are not authorized to move the dumpster bin. If you need the bin to be relocated, you can call us and arrange this with the Bargain Bins staff.

Are there any additional charges?

If you have excess waste (more than the allowed limit for the dumpster bin), we charge an additional $50 return trip free to cover this cost. Also, if there are items that are restricted or not previously discussed with the staff, the customer can be charged an additional $85 per item.

How can you deter dumpster divers and illegal dumping?

Dumpster diving and illegal dumping can be a menace most times and a serious threat in some cases. Follow these tips to deter scavengers from nosing through your dumpster bin or disposing of their own unwanted items:

  1. Cameras – Place cameras strategically in view of your dumpster bin to avoid people from going through your bin or dumping into your dumpster illegally. It is advisable to have an entire camera and security system, but if that is not feasible, add a sign stating the same for added effect.
  2. Lighting – Keep the dumpster bin area well-lit and add a motion sensor, if possible.
  3. Restricting access – One of the most common ways from deterring dumpster divers and illegal dumping is to place the bin in a location that is not easily accessible from the street.

Having the right bin from the right rental company can make all the difference with your next home improvement project. At Bargain Bins, we offer you quality service at affordable rates. Contact us today for great deals on dumpster rental services in Woodmoor.