Eco-friendly waste disposal is not only about recycling materials such as paper and plastic, upcycling your old clothes, or donating extra blankets. Choose the services of dumpster rental company Bargain Bins and save yourself multiple trips to the landfill. 

Bargain Bins is a highly-affordable residential bin and roll off dumpster company serving the communities of Colorado Springs and South Metro Denver. We are locally owned and look forward to helping you find the right dumpster bin for your needs. 

Understand Your Waste Disposal Needs

To understand your waste disposal needs, we need to clarify what type of project you are undertaking. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the clutter in your home and decided it is time to start clearing out a few rooms? Be eco-friendly and add a recycling box to your sorting materials. 

A patio can be a peaceful space for an early morning coffee or a gathering place for loved ones. Is your residential contractor arriving next week to expand your patio, and are you responsible for arranging waste disposal? You need the type of dumpster appropriate for construction materials and any yard waste you must discard to accommodate the new patio design. 

Types of Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rentals

There are several types of dumpster rentals, and you should get the exact bin or dumpster for your needs. Researching dumpster rentals can be overwhelming when you are not sure which one is ideal for your purposes. At Bargain Bins, we publish our prices so you can make an informed decision. We also have frequently asked questions which might simplify your search process. 

The best bin for your decluttering project is our Bargain Bins Clutter Buster. It has rubber wheels and a lid, and you can move it around comfortably. For the patio project, you would need a Bargain Bins Max Roll Off dumpster, available in three sizes. 

Consider The Cost to Rent a Dumpster

The cost to rent a dumpster is worth it when you consider how many times you would need to load a pick-up truck, drive to the dump, pay the dump fees, unload, and then return home. You can do a lot at home in that time when you rent a bin or dumpster from Bargain Bins. We offer a stress-free experience!

Our advertised prices include dumpster rental for up to 7 days, and we offer a swap-out discount when we deliver a second bin. Use our material guidelines to save on additional charges. We can take old rugs and broken toys, but fluids, such as wet plaster and paint, cannot go into Bargain Bins dumpsters.  

Choose the Right Dumpster Size

It is important to choose the correct dumpster size for your needs. It must also be an appropriate size for the area where you will place it during the decluttering or patio project. The Bargain Bins Clutter Buster 3 Yard Dumpster Bin dimensions are 6’L x 3.5’W x 4’H, equal to approximately 1½ pickup truck loads of discarded materials. It doesn’t take up much room and is easy to move around.

Your patio project might require the Bargain Bins Max 12 Yard Dumpster. Its dimensions are 12’L x 8’W x 4’9″H, equivalent to approximately six pickup truck loads of materials. We have heavy material and maximum weight guidelines for our dumpsters, but debris from a standard patio project should not be a problem.  

Find an Eco-Friendly Dumpster Rental Company

You are ready to start decluttering your home now that you know which dumpster bin is perfect for your project. The patio contractor will also be happy to know construction waste will be safely discarded. Bargain Bins believes in excellent customer service, and we try to make renting a bin or dumpster easy. Order a dumpster online or over the phone. We will drop it off at your home and haul it away once it is full or the rental time is complete.  

At Bargain Bins, we believe project success starts with having the right equipment for the job, whether a dumpster or bin. Eco-friendly waste disposal is easy when you use Bargain Bins. Contact us today!