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Rent Dumpsters For Your Green Waste in the Tri-Lakes Area

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If you are building or renovating in the Tri-Lakes area, you are going to need a dumpster for your scraps, demo materials, and junk. Using a company that can provide various sizes of small roll off dumpsters and construction dumpsters will save you time and money by not having to haul away your waste by yourself. You may also produce green waste as you are working on your yard. With Bargain Bins, you can also put this material in our dumpsters.

About the Tri-Lakes Area

Nestled just outside of Colorado Springs, the Tri-Lakes area includes Palmer Lake, Monument, and Woodmoor. These towns have beautiful homes with mountain views and the outdoor recreation is amazing. The housing market is robust and is driven by the desire to live a rural Colorado lifestyle while being close enough to modern amenities.

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What are the Average Housing Prices for the Tri-Lakes Area?

Property and home prices in the Tri-Lakes area have continued to grow faster than most US markets and show no signs of slowing down. The average price of a house in the area is over $700,000 with the low end being around $325,000, going up to over $1,800,000. It is a very desirable place to call home as buyers look for a quiet, peaceful lifestyle while close enough to major metropolitan areas for employment, dining, professional sports, and the arts.

Advice for Residential Projects in the Tri-Lakes Area

When you are starting a project on your home, consider the materials you need to get rid of. You don’t want to have junk laying around your property while you take on a major renovation. Using small construction dumpsters will keep your jobsite organized and keep your neighbors happy too.

FAQ for residential Dumpster Rentals

While most people know what a dumpster is, there are many questions that we are often asked. Let’s go over some common questions and concerns.

There are several recycling places in Colorado that take green waste. It is encouraged to separate your green waste from regular junk, but it will require you to drop it off yourself as there are no companies doing specific green waste pickup in the Tri-Lakes area.

Bargain Bins accepts yard waste as part of regular garbage in all our bins. This includes tree clippings, grass, sand, brush and mulch. We also accept sod and shrubs. This does create good composting and breaks down quickly in landfills. 

Bargain Bins does not recycle your garbage. You can sort recycling and take it to nearby recycling facilities.

There is no additional charge for picking up yard waste. It can become part of your regular waste that you load in one of our dumpsters.

Green waste is material that is biodegradable including garden and park waste. Trees, branches, wood, bark, grass clippings and shrubs are considered “Green.”

Bargain Bins is here to help. When you are cleaning up your yard or starting a remodel, consider using our small roll off dumpsters. We proudly serve the Tri-Lakes area and beyond. Discover how we can make your life easier and your project more efficient. Contact us for more information.