If you are starting to find that your house is getting too cluttered, it may be time to consider doing a thorough clean-out. Living in an environment cluttered with junk is literally hazardous to your health. The tendency to buy loads of items one may not really need, and then never throw them away can lead to hoarding. Piling up house clutter adversely affects the physical and mental health of the entire household. Here is what you need to know about the hazards of house clutter, and why you need to clean out your home as soon as possible.

Health Hazards

Let’s begin by looking at the hazards that clutter poses to your physical health. For starters, junk collects dust. The more junk you have, the more difficult it will be to keep the space clean. As a result, dust, pet hair and the microbes and bugs that thrive in them, will increase in your living space. As a result, you and your family may find yourself having more allergic reactions such as sinus problems, breathing issues and itchy eyes. Even worse, highly cluttered spaces can become a breeding ground for vermin such as rodents, which bring their own share of diseases and other health problems with them.

Mental Health Issues

Hoarding is associated with a slew of health issues. A messy environment can easily increase your stress levels. It is difficult to find the things you need, and your brain starts to work overtime to keep track of everything. This leads to a lot of stress and anxiety, and it is not uncommon for residents of cluttered homes to have high levels of the stress hormone cortisol. 

A cluttered home can cause homeowners to become more isolated. As junk piles up, you can very quickly get to the point where you don’t want to invite anyone over. Embarrassment gives way to shame and you are likely to get the sense that the situation can’t be brought under control. It is all too easy to become a shut-in under these circumstances – and that can have severe consequences for your mental health.

It appears that clutter can even affect your memory. Our brains are not designed to keep track of a vast number of details over an extended period. With so much stuff scattered throughout the house, you may start to find that your short-term memory starts to suffer. Even insomnia and weight gain have been found to be linked to clutter. 

Safety Issues

Aside from the health issues cluttered homes present, they can also be downright unsafe. The more stuff you have piled up around your home, the greater the risk that something could fall on someone and injure them. The more items you have scattered on your floors, the greater the chance that someone will trip or slip and fall. An excess of paper or cloth, or other flammable items, could make your home a serious fire hazard. Then, if a fire should ever break out, you would have greater difficulty getting to an exit because of the junk piled up in your hallways. 

How To Remove Clutter From Your Home

If you are starting to worry about the junk piled up in your home and are concerned that the risks mentioned above may become a reality for you, there is no need to worry. A lot of homeowners who have allowed the clutter to go too far simply don’t know where to start, but it is actually relatively easy. All you have to do is rent a dumpster from Bargain Bins. We will deliver the dumpster to your yard, you can toss your unwanted junk into it, and we will come and collect it when it’s full. You never have to worry about where you are going to take all the junk or how you are going to get it there. Our Clutter Buster bin takes three cubic yards of junk, while our larger dumpsters will take anywhere from 12 to 20 cubic yards. There is no need to stress about house clutter anymore. Contact Bargain Bins today to find out how our dumpster container rental services can work for you.