Your safety is super important! Here is how to take safety precautions around dumpsters to protect yourself and others. 

Safety tips

Recently booked a local dumpster rental? Dumpster safety is not always something we think about especially when we have a lot of cleanups to do. You need to take safety precautions to ensure that you and your family are safe. It is especially necessary to be cautious when you have little kids or pets playing around the dumpster area. 

Here are some tips for dumpster safety: 

  • Cleanout the area around the dumpster frequently 

You need to ensure that the area around the dumpster is kept clean. Keeping the area clean to help prevent tripping hazards or stepping on sharp objects. It will also prevent items from spilling out and hurting anyone. Little kids and pets tend to explore outdoor areas so it’s best to clean the area throughout the day by sweeping up and picking up any debris. 

  • Don’t climb inside the dumpster 

Yes, we mean don’t dive in. It is never a good idea to have someone jump inside a dumpster, even to place items from inside. Apart from risking injury, you may step or move debris around, potentially causing things to fall on you. Also, remember that it is a temporary dumpster rental – you are responsible for a rollaway dumpster while it’s in your care and you can be charged for damages. 

  • Carefully drop contents in the dumpster 

In a hurry? It may be tempting to fling items into the dumpster but you can hurt yourself or others around you. You can also damage the dumpster. It is especially necessary to be careful when throwing heavy items. Use caution and lift with your knees, not your back. Gently place it down, rather than fling items. You don’t want to throw things and overshoot the dumpster, hitting something or someone else. This can be a serious issue in Colorado Springs, which is known for high winds. 

Be careful with items that could cause damage to the dumpster like heavy concrete or poles. After you place items down, make sure they won’t scrape the dumpster or spill out. 

  • Be careful on bad weather days

Heavy rain or snow may make surfaces slippery. Take caution when moving heavy items or debris into the dumpster. Make sure there are no tripping hazards and wear safety boots if needed. Wind can also bring significant risks when you are trying to load large items.

If necessary, reschedule your dumpster cleanup for another day. When you choose to rent a dumpster from Bargain Bins, you’ll receive up to 7 days to take care of your dumpster items so you don’t have to rush. If you need additional time, you can schedule more time for a small fee, subject to availability. 

  • Ensure nothing can fly out of the dumpster 

Fly-outs can cause accidents! Whether you have a small dumpster rental or a larger dumpster bin, you’re going to need to secure items down. Place heavy items like stones on cardboard items so they won’t fly off. 

  • Do not place hazardous or prohibited items in the dumpster 

Certain items are prohibited from dumpster use. You cannot place these items in a dumpster. Hazardous items such as gas, batteries, and oils can cause fires and give off harmful gases. Speak to your local dumpster rental professionals about the items you are allowed to throw in a dumpster. 

  • In case of fire, call 911 immediately

Don’t try putting out a dumpster fire. You’ll either make it worse or risk injury and burn. Given our particular risk of fire in Colorado Springs, the best way to take safety precautions around dumpsters in the case of fire is to leave it to the professionals to put out. Call the fire department and evacuate the area. You do not want to be the one responsible for another Black Forest Fire or Waldo Canyon Fire!

  • Don’t move a dumpster by yourself 

It doesn’t matter if it’s a smaller 12-yard or larger 20-yard dumpster rental, don’t try to move it. You’ll not only put yourself at risk of serious injury but you’ll end up damaging the dumpster which may cost you in repair or replacement costs. Most reputable dumpster rental companies won’t allow you to haul out the dumpster yourself. 

Contact our team for more safety precautions around dumpsters or more info on our discount dumpster rental!