Wondering how to load a dumpster? It can be harder than you think. Certain items cannot be safely loaded into a dumpster. Other items are simply not allowed. If you are looking for tips on how to safely load and fill a dumpster, you’ve come to the right place. We have a “how-to” guide for loading a full dumpster here.

How to load a dumpster

You rented out a dumpster so what’s next? It doesn’t matter if you have a small dumpster rental or a 20-yard dumpster rental, you need to know how to load it effectively and safely. Here are some tips to help you out.

  • Break down bulk items

Have a lot of items to throw away? Break it down. We mean this literally. Break down items to their smallest size, where possible. You can break down everything from crushing concrete to breaking furniture. Breaking things down is the best way to make use of your temporary dumpster rental as it will mean your items will take up less space. It will make sure you don’t need multiple bins which will drive up your cost.

  • Be careful of sharp objects 

Do you have a lot of hard cardboard or plastic items? Flattened cardboard or plastic items can be quite sharp. They can puncture or scratch the dumpster bin, which will cost you money. Be careful when loading these items or try to load them first at the bottom of the dumpster. 

  • Biggest items in the bottom

It doesn’t matter if you have furniture or equipment. You have to keep the bulkiest items at the bottom if you want to use up less space. Lay items according to size, placing these items at the base of your bin. Now fill up the bin with smaller times and you are good to go. You definitely don’t want to load a large item last and find that it extends beyond the “full line.” 

  • Make sure the weight is evenly distributed

Dumpsters can have a weight limit and overloading items can lead to uneven weight distribution. What happens when weight is not even? Your dumpster can tilt over and shift while the dumpster company is transporting it. You can risk a dangerous situation for everyone involved. You can also risk having to unload your dumpster if you load more items than a dumpster can take so make sure you don’t go over its weight limit.

How to not load a dumpster

Now that you know how to load a dumpster, it’s time to learn the don’ts. Here’s what you need to avoid when loading your rollaway dumpster. 

  • Don’t load up a dumpster to the top. Apart from the fact that this puts the dumpster movers at risk, your items can spill out on roads and cause accidents. The load is required by law to be covered for transportation, and the contents cannot extend beyond the full line marked on the bin.
  • Never load materials that are not meant for a dumpster. Speak to your dumpster rental company for the materials you are allowed to load. 
  • Don’t go over the weight limit. As we mentioned, this is dangerous but you might also risk getting charged extra fees.
  • Never assume you can place a dumpster on a street. Some places, such as the City of Colorado Springs, do not allow dumpsters to be placed on the street without a permit. Contact local officials before placing a dumpster here.

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