6 reasons for a homeowner to rent a residential dumpster

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6 reasons for a homeowner to rent a residential dumpster

Rent a roll off dumpster

Why spend time going to the local dump when there are several reasons to rent a residential dumpster? Conveniently delivered to your home and collected after use, a residential dumpster keeps your property tidy during an ongoing project. It also saves you time and money. 

Bargain Bins is a local, family-owned company that designed its services to meet the needs around the home. Rick is the owner and has over 30 years of experience working for and running large waste and recycling companies and programs. This knowledge and experience is used to design an affordable, convenient dumpster rental service right to your door. 

Dumpster rental with Bargain Bins is all about convenience and affordability. Bargain Bins dumpster rental service is conveniently requested either on their website or via a quick phone call. All rentals and payment arrangements are easily confirmed over the phone. 

You can call Bargain Bins to talk about your rental request and project. Guidance will be given on selecting the appropriate dumpster size for your needs and your reservation will be made while you are chatting to our friendly Bargain Bins team.

If you prefer online reservations, completing the online form available on the Bargain Bins website is an easy process. We need the following from you: 

  • your complete contact information,
  • preferred bin size,
  • preferred delivery date, and
  • a comprehensive message explaining your needs. 

Once availability is confirmed, the Bargain Bins team will email your order confirmation, and the residential bin will be delivered at the agreed date and time. 

Advance payment via debit or credit card will reserve the delivery slot of your choice. Bargain Bins’ standard rates are for seven (7) days, and once the dumpster is delivered, you can complete your project at your leisure. Military personnel and seniors 65 and older can ask about a discount from Bargain Bins when an order is placed. 

Conveniently, you don’t even have to be at home at the time of delivery and removal of the residential dumpster. Bargain Bins might call while on site to confirm the correct placement of the bin on your property. Most cities and Homeowners Associations (HOA’s) do not allow dumpsters to be placed in the street without a permit.

It is the homeowners’ responsibility to check with their local municipality to determine if a permit is required. If you are a member of a Homeowners Association, you will also have to check with the association for regulations regarding dumpster rentals. 

Various dumpster sizes for homeowners

The dumpster size you order depends on the trash and other items you want to discard. Construction debris such as bricks can be quite heavy, so a Bargain Bin Max might be the best. For a spring-clean or declutter project, the Clutter Buster Bin is ideal. The four dumpster sizes to choose from are:

The Clutter Buster Bin is a mini-dumpster with a lid and driveway-safe rubber wheels. This bin can easily be moved by the homeowner. It is well-priced and allows up to 1,000 pounds of material. When filled with regular household or yard debris, this bin rarely exceeds the maximum weight, so one less thing to worry about. 

By law, each load must be covered for safe transport, and no materials are allowed to show over the top of the container. If materials extend above the top of the container during collection, the homeowner is responsible for removing the excess debris. A return trip costing $50 will be charged to cover the cost of collecting the extra rubbish.

Various dumpster sizes for homeowners

Bargain Bin dumpsters are ‘driveway friendly’ as they have rubber rollers made from recycled truck tires instead of the standard metal wheels. The usage of boards underneath the dumpster is thus eliminated. These rubber wheels mean the bins can be precisely placed on the homeowner’s property. Utmost care is taken upon delivery and collection of the bins to prevent damage to the homeowner’s driveway. These are all good reasons to rent a residential dumpster from Bargain Bins. 

Homeowners using the 3 Yard Clutter Buster Bin can move it carefully within their property. However, customers cannot move any of the Max bins. If for any reason a dumpster, whether Max bins or the Clutter Buster, needs to be moved from one location to another, Bargain Bins must be contacted to arrange for the move. A relocation fee will then be additionally charged.

All costs, additional charges and weight limitations on the various dumpster rentals are available on the Bargain Bin’s website.

Not all materials are allowed in a residential dumpster

Not all materials are allowed in a residential dumpster

For safety and environmental reasons, certain materials are not allowed to be placed in Bargain Bins residential dumpsters. Hazardous materials require special handling and are not allowed at landfills, so they must be managed by specialist service providers. The list of materials not allowed in Bargain Bins residential dumpsters includes:  

  • Toxic, hazardous or medical waste
  • Electronics
  • Refrigerators and freezers
  • Batteries and fluorescent bulbs
  • Fuel, oil, hot tar or propane tanks
  • Wet glue, paint, plaster or concrete
  • Carcasses and food waste.

If unacceptable materials are found inside the residential dumpster upon collection or when it is dumped, the materials will be removed from the bin. These items will be returned to the homeowner. An extra charge and fines will also be levied. This might seem strict, but the health and safety of everyone are important to Bargain Bins, not to mention applicable laws and dump site regulations. 

What can one do with the items and materials deemed unacceptable? Various hazardous waste facilities accept these items. Search online for a hazardous waste service provider or call our friendly team at Bargain Bins for a reference. 

El Paso County Household Hazardous Waste Facility accepts household hazardous waste by appointment only. They accept items such as paints, household chemicals and some electronics. Please visit their website for a complete list of accepted materials as well as items accepted at Clean Sweep events. They also offer a list of facilities that take other items such as tires and electronics. 

A list of items that are allowed in Bargain Bin residential dumpsters includes: 

  • Construction and demolition debris
  • Toilets, sinks, bathtubs, windows and doors
  • Sod, sand, mulch and tree clippings
  • Insulation, glass and drywall
  • Appliances, wooden and metal furniture
  • Bikes and broken toys
  • Siding, plywood, packaging and packaging materials. 

A full list of acceptable and unacceptable materials is available on the Bargain Bins website

So, what are the six reasons to rent a residential dumpster?

1. You’re moving to a new home

Can one ever have too many things? The answer is yes! This becomes clear when you plan to move to a new home. Sorting and packing the contents of the old home highlights how many of your belongings are not used regularly. Of course, donating useful items may be the more environmentally conscious thing to do, but not everything has a use. Getting rid of these belongings presents a reason to rent a residential dumpster.

A potentially daunting sorting task will be easier with a firm commitment to using the words ‘no, give it away or throw it out’. There is the belief that if you have not used something in the previous twelve months, get rid of the item. Together with helpful family members and a residential dumpster from Bargain Bins, all unwanted items can easily be discarded.

six reasons to rent a residential dumpster

2. You want to do a home renovation or remodel

All home renovation projects generate waste materials. It could be an old bath, tiles, carpets, the kitchen cabinets you want to replace, or pieces of drywall removed to create the open-plan space between your kitchen and dining area. A residential dumpster that holds construction debris and other waste materials are ideal for your project. 

Home renovations or remodeling is guaranteed to offer up a surprise expense. Maybe you need to upgrade the insulation in your home to a specific standard, and this was not part of your planning or budget. Competitively priced waste removal services provided by Bargain Bins will help curb expenses. 

Keep in mind that some construction waste can be very heavy, such as old tile. Talk with the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Bargain Bins for guidance on the potential weight of your demolition materials.

3. You’re preparing for a garage or basement cleanout

Garage and basement contents seem to have the capacity to expand without your knowledge. Frustrated because you must park your car in the driveway in the winter, you open the garage door. It barely moves due to the accumulated unwanted or unused junk jamming up the space. 

The right dumpster, placed within easy reach of your garage door, will make the garage cleanup easier. Unwanted and broken items can just be thrown into the dumpster.

4. You’re getting ready to spring clean

4. You’re getting ready to spring clean

There is nothing as refreshing as a good spring clean. One might think that during a good spring clean, there will not be enough materials to fill a small dumpster. But once you start cleaning the house, you realize there are reasons to rent a residential dumpster. You might want to discard the blinds that started falling apart after you tried to clean them. Or what about that old recliner that the pets have destroyed over the years?

If this is the year you decide to spring clean the attic, the small dumpster you rented is easily filled with broken chairs, old suitcases, moldy books and loads of empty cardboard boxes just dumped in the attic and forgotten about.

5. You have a landscaping project coming up

Your dream landscaping project is becoming a reality. Maybe you decided to start replacing the non-native plants and trees in your yard with more native species to attract birds to your property. You may also need to remove dead trees and bushes from around your yard. 

A specialist will be doing the tree clearing, but if you can rent a residential dumpster large enough to accommodate all the debris and stumps that must be removed. If you are unsure about the correct dumpster size for your needs, Bargain Bins will guide you to the best option. 

6. You want to declutter

Just like a good spring clean, a house decluttering session clears out not only your physical space but also your mental space. Now is the time to divide all goods you want to take stock of into four groups: donate, sell, throw out, and keep. You might find the ‘throw out’ pile grows bigger the more you declutter. Only throw articles into the rented dumpster that appear on the company’s acceptable materials list.

Do give consideration to the clothes, toys, tools, sporting equipment or other items you want to donate. Make sure everything is clean. Throw the article into the dumpster if it is broken beyond repair.

Bargain Bins is a locally owned and operated roll off dumpster service company serving homeowners within twenty-five miles of Colorado Springs. Now that you know six reasons to rent a residential dumpster but don’t know what size to choose, contact us today.