You are finally ready to clear out the basement and want to rent a dumpster. But you ask yourself, do I need a permit for my dumpster? That depends:

  • Are you a member of a Homeowners Association?
  • Do you have a residential driveway where the rented dumpster can stand?
  • Do you need to place the dumpster in the street or another public space?
  • Are you within the city limits of Colorado Springs?

If you are a member of a Homeowners Association, there might be rules and regulations around the use of dumpsters. If the rules require a permit, you must go through the application process with your HOA.

There is no need for a permit if the rented dumpster stands on your residential driveway or property. Is the driveway wide enough to accommodate the dumpster and give other vehicles access? Are there any trees that will make it challenging to drop off a dumpster?

Placing the dumpster in a street or another public place will require a permit if you live in the Colorado Springs city limits. You can obtain a permit from the Colorado Springs Planning and Development office. It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain the permit prior to delivery of the dumpster.

Placing a dumpster in a residential street is not an option for many construction or renovation projects. Here are some guidelines on the spaces that require permits in Colorado Springs. 

Dumpster placement Permit required
Street or alley
Sidewalk or walkway
Shopping plaza, marketplace or mall
Town square
Park, public green or pier
Convention center
Residential driveway x
Behind a dwelling that you own x
Any other private property x

Permit requirements for dumpster rentals

Dumpster permit regulations vary in different communities and cities. If a dumpster is visible to passersby, some communities require a permit. In general, cities only require a permit if the dumpster stands on public property, such as the street.

There are numerous aspects to investigate before you present a permit application. While many of these won’t apply to your location, it’s best to double check that your dumpster placement will not block the following: 

  • Fire hydrants
  • Stop signs
  • Driveways
  • Car-share spaces
  • Valet or taxi stands
  • Parking meters
  • Bus stops
  • Loading zones

In some cities, dumpsters must be placed at least 20 feet away from street corners. Ensure containers are placed against the curb to leave as much space as possible for traffic. Place cones or reflective tape around the dumpster to make it visible to traffic and members of the public. Reflective tape is especially helpful at night. 

Often permits must be visible. You might have to place the permit in the window of the property. If the permit must be displayed on the container, consider placing a copy, if allowed. It could save you the time and effort of asking for an official reprint in the event of damage to the displayed permit.         

I need a permit; how do I get one?

You now know you do need a permit for a dumpster, but how to get one? Apply at your local permit or public works office and provide the following details to fill out the appropriate form: 

  • Dumpster rental company name and phone number
  • Property owner’s name, address and phone number
  • Applicant’s name, address and phone number if different
  • Start and end dates of the rental period
  • Precise address and detailed description of placement location
  • Dumpster dimensions and quantity if you need more than one.

The cost of a dumpster permit differs between communities and cities. The time the dumpster will be in the desired location will also impact this fee. The dumpster permit might not be approved if there is another application for the same space. To enquire about dumpster rental permit fees, check out the website of your local authority.                                                                   

How long does the permit last?

In your application, you indicated the start and end dates of the rental period. The permit will be granted for this period unless this modified timeline impacts a permit already given for the same space. 

Bargain Bins is a local dumpster rental service that serves residents within twenty-five miles of Colorado Springs. If you wonder, do I need a permit for a dumpster? Call us today.