When renting a construction waste dumpster, there are several things you must clarify to the dumpster rental service: When do you need it? What materials will you be disposing of? And of course, where will it be placed at your premises? Providing placement directions in advance can ensure the delivery process is carried out smoothly and efficiently. Bargain Bins explains further.

Deciding on where to place your construction waste dumpster

Follow these tips from Bargain Bins in choosing the perfect location for your construction waste dumpster:


When deciding where to place your construction waste dumpster, the key is to choose a safe and secure location. This is essential as it can prevent you from incurring penalties or additional fees in the future. Before the delivery of your construction waste dumpster, consider if you want it to be placed on the street or your driveway. Bargain Bins recommends placing the dumpster in a location that is devoid of any obstructions such as low hanging branches or electric wires.

Proximity to the work site

When choosing the placement of your construction waste dumpster, consider its proximity to the actual construction site. Ensure you have clear access to the dumpster for the convenience of disposing of the waste easily and avoiding multiple trips back and forth.


If you are looking to place your construction waste dumpster on the street, always check beforehand if your city or county requires a permit for the same. Many towns across states in America have strict regulations on the placement of dumpsters, especially in public streets. You should also check with your HOA, if you have one, to understand any requirements your particular neighborhood has. Speak to experts at the dumpster rental service for more information on the permits you may need.

Construction waste dumpsters placed in a street

If there are space constraints, placing a construction waste dumpster can be tricky. In such situations, setting up the dumpster on the street may be the only option. However, there may be regulations to follow and paperwork to complete before you can do so. These dumpster permits, also known as ‘right of way permits’ must be applied for in advance. In Colorado Springs, for example, you may need to apply for a “Surface Revocable Permit,” which applies to dumpsters in public right of ways. 

In order to obtain the permit, you may have to provide the following information to the permit office:

  1. The period for which you will be renting the dumpster
  2. The specific location and address for the placement of the dumpster
  3. Information (name, address, contact details) of the dumpster rental service

Here is a link to the Colorado Springs Temporary Surface Revocable Permit application.

Once you have a permit in place, follow these common rules when placing the construction waste dumpster in the street:

  1. Place traffic cones or reflectors at the front and back of the dumpster.
  2. The dumpster must not be placed in front of hydrants, bus stops, parking meters or ‘no loading’ areas.
  3. Ensure the dumpster is removed from the street by the date mentioned in the permit.
  4. In some bigger cities, you will need to get approval from the Public Works Department even before the dumpster permit.

Who is responsible if the construction waste dumpster gets damaged?

This is a question most customers who rent dumpster bins are curious about. Bargain Bins breaks down the different types of issues and explains the way forward:


Holes found in construction waste dumpsters are huge issues and can lead to fines of $1500 or more.

Bending of the structure

Slight bending of the structure (door, walls or floors) may not need repairs. However, bending that compromises the structural integrity of the dumpster requires major repairs.

Damaged lock

A damaged locking system results in immediate withdrawal of the dumpster as it is considered ‘Out of Service’ as this can be a hazard on the job site or during pickup.

Usually, dumpster rental services treat each incident on an individual basis when deciding if the repair costs must be burdened by the customer or by the service itself.

For more information on permits as well as the right placement of construction waste dumpsters, contact Bargain Bins today!