You may think that dumpsters for rent can simply be filled as you see fit – until you have gotten rid of all you need to throw out – even if the junk towers above the rim of the dumpsters. The truth is that dumpsters must be filled with certain rules. Exceeding the filling guidelines can make dumpsters dangerous to you and anyone else on your site, to the people who collect the full dumpster, and even to other road users around the truck that is carrying the overloaded dumpster. Please take careful note of these tips regarding dumpster capacity, and stick to them when you need a roll-off dumpster for a clean-out project. 

What Happens When The Junk Extends Above The Dumpster?

The biggest problem with overfilled dumpsters is that they are more dangerous to haul away. While the dumpster is being loaded onto the truck, and during the journey from your site to ours, junk that is piled above the wall of the dumpster can cause serious trouble. It can fall off and hit other motorists or pedestrians, cause accidents, damage property, and possibly even cause serious injury. It is the client’s responsibility to make sure that a dumpster’s load does not rise above the fill line marked on the dumpster walls. If the dumpster is overloaded, it is too much of a risk for us to carry, and we will have to ask you to remove items from the dumpster or rearrange the load so that it stays within the walls.

The Hazards of An Overflowing Dumpster

An overflowing dumpster is a health and safety risk both when it is at rest on your site, and when it is on the move on the back of one of our trucks. The higher junk is piled above the wall of the dumpster, the greater the chance that it will fall off and hit someone nearby. If an overflowing dumpster is sitting in your yard, it could pose a hazard to your children or pets. 

If we were to haul an overflowing dumpster, we would risk the lives and property of other road users. All it takes is for one sizable piece of debris to fall off during the trip. It could block the road and cause an accident or hit a vehicle and cause damage and injury. Not to mention, this would violate local laws. In short, it is always safer to ensure that the junk does not exceed the height of the dumpster itself.

Are There Overflow Fees with Dumpsters for Rent? 

A bin that is loaded above the height of the walls cannot be hauled away legally. We would therefore have to leave the bin with you and ask you to offload any excess material. We would then charge you $15 per day until the bin is ready for us to take away legally. It pays to ensure that you fill the bin within its proper limits.

If you are looking for reasonably priced, reliable roll-off dumpster rental in Colorado Springs, call Bargain Bins. We provide dumpsters for rent ranging in size from three to 20 cubic yards. If you are not sure what size dumpster you will need, be sure to ask us. We will gladly help you pick the right one for your clean-out project.