Roll off dumpsters from Bargain Bins are available in a variety of sizes for residential and commercial applications. But do you know which size of dumpster you need for your specific project? You do not want to order a small roll off dumpster only to realize you need a larger one later in the project. Given below are the roll off dumpster sizes available from Bargain Bins:

  1. 3 cubic yards (Clutter Buster) 
  2. 12 cubic yards 
  3. 15 cubic yards 
  4. 20 cubic yards

Read on to find out from Bargain Bins how to choose the right roll off dumpster size for your project.

Factors to consider when choosing dumpster size

The key considerations while choosing the size of the dumpster are as follows:

Scope of project

While deciding on what size of roll off dumpster you need, determine what type and size of materials you will be disposing of in the dumpster. Most people order the smaller roll off dumpsters to keep costs low. However, if your materials do not fit, and you end up overfilling the dumpster, chances are you will end up paying more for excess weight or a second dumpster.

Weight of materials

It is not enough to just determine the dumpster size and volume of waste but also the overall weight. Each dumpster size has a weight limit that must not be exceeded to avoid overpaying. In fact, there is a legal weight limit regulating what we are allowed to transport. Thus, it is important to know the approximate weight of the waste materials before choosing the size of the roll off dumpster.


Finally, the location of your construction or renovation project should be considered when ordering the right size of dumpster for you. For example, busier cities or locations with minimal access may only be able to accommodate smaller-sized roll off dumpsters. Most roll off dumpsters are equipped with a hinged back door. However, you may not be able to open this door fully if the location is tight such as a back alley or short driveway. In situations such as this, it is more suitable to rent a smaller roll off dumpster or get a permit to stage the dumpster in the street (which would be required in Colorado Springs city limits).

Understanding the different types of waste and how to dispose of it

Bargain Bins outlines the main types of waste and the right way to dispose of them:

Household waste

The waste you would typically put into your normal trash can for curbside pickup can be categorized as household waste. This may include toys, paper, packaging and the like. These items are usually collected for disposal by your local collection services. With a dumpster from Bargain Bins, you also have the ability to dispose of significantly larger items like old or broken furniture and mattresses. One exclusion to this is food and liquids, which are prohibited from disposal in the dumpsters. 

Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris

Materials such as drywall, carpeting and roofing debris fall into this category and require a roll off dumpster service for disposal. This saves valuable time over driving down to the landfill multiple times yourself. Also, typical residential trash service often prohibits construction waste. Bargain Bins is a great option to consider for construction projects.

Yard waste

Organic waste such as trees, grass clippings or bushes can either be composted or carried away to the proper facility by dumpster rental services such as Bargain Bins.


With the exception of freezers and refrigerators, you can rent a roll off dumpster to dispose of multiple home or commercial appliances in the event of a renovation. Bargain Bins recommends renting a slightly larger dumpster size than what you thought of initially. This is because the rounded bottoms of the dumpster bins may not hold as many appliances, especially those that are bulky or in a square shape as they consume more space. Freezers and refrigerators represent an environmental hazard due to the refrigerants used in the compressors. This directory has resources for the safe disposal of refrigerators, freezers, and other hazardous materials: El Paso County Recycling Directory.

Find a dumpster rental company near you

Whatever your project needs, be it construction, renovation or landscaping, find a dumpster rental service close to your location. Dumpster rentals farther away may not provide immediate or timely service, may add extensive trip charges, and the last thing you need is an overflowing dumpster at your premises. Bargain Bins is proud to service the greater Colorado Springs area.

For more information on the right size of dumpster for your project, contact Bargain Bins today!