Bargain Bins makes mini-dumpster rental in Colorado Springs very easy with our Clutter Buster. This 3 yard bin is a flagship, bargain-priced residential dumpster. It is so light homeowners can move it around outside the home. It is still big enough to accommodate materials from a small renovation project or items from a garage cleanup.

Order this residential dumpster rental from our helpful Bargain Bins team. Advance payment via debit or credit card will reserve the dumpster delivery time slot of your choice. We will then deliver the Clutter Buster Bin to your home at a time and date convenient for you.

What are the Clutter Buster Bin specifications?

  • 3 Yard Clutter Buster Bin
  • Dimensions: 6’ Length x 3.5’ Width x 4’ Height
  • Maximum weight restriction (household goods): 1,000 pounds
  • Maximum weight restriction (heavy materials): 300 pounds
  • Approximate pick-up truck load: 1.5
  • Approximate 95-gallon garbage cans: 6+

Why choose the Clutter Buster mini-dumpster?

The Clutter Buster Bin is a good choice if you need a mini-dumpster rental in Colorado Springs. When you want to declutter the house after a long winter or get ready to spring-clean, this mini-dumpster can be filled with various household goods. 

Use it for the landscaping project you planned. Fill the bin with old or broken patio furniture, shrubs, tree clippings and sod. If you are moving and want to start sorting out the children’s rooms, bikes and broken toys are easily accommodated. You can also add items such as old luggage and most anything else you can think of.   

Yes, you can use residential garbage bins for your project, but everything you throw out might not fit into the garbage bins. Bargain Bins will drop off and pick up the mini roll off dumpster you rented and dispose of its contents at the dump for you. 

When you factor in the convenience, efficiency, time-savings, and no added dump fees, the Clutter Buster mini-dumpster makes a lot of sense for spring cleaning.

So, why should you choose the Clutter Buster mini-dumpster?

It’s not too big or too small

We already know the Clutter Buster is not too big or too small and ideal for a small home renovation project. But what would fit into the residential dumpster up to a 300- pound limit for heavy materials?

  • 70 bricks (approximately)
  • 8 cinder blocks (approximately)
  • 75, 12”x12” tiles (approximately)
  • 6” of sod
  • 3” of concrete
  • 3” of dirt
  • 3” of dry plaster
  • 3” of rock
  • 1 square of roofing shingles (approximately). A “square” is a roofing term for enough shingles to cover 100 square feet.

A budget-friendly alternative

The Clutter Buster Bin is a more budget-friendly alternative to taking truckloads of trash to the local landfill. You can rent it for $140 and keep it for seven days. If your goal is to fill the Bargain Bins Clutter Buster in one weekend, call us, and we will haul the junk away on Monday morning.

A swap out discount is offered by Bargain Bins if you immediately swap the full bin for a second one upon collection. The multiple bin discount offers each additional bin delivered at the same time at $85 each. There is a dumpster rental in Colorado Springs for every budget if you use Bargain Bins. 

Easy to move around

Many homeowners can move this mini-dumpster by hand. It does not take up much room and can be moved from the garage to the back door for convenient dumping. This bin, packed with regular household and yard debris, rarely exceeds the 1,000 pounds maximum weight limit. It is only when heavy debris such as dirt, rock, and concrete is added that the maximum weight for heavy materials is reached. 

Safe for your driveway

Bargain Bins dumpsters are safe for your driveway as they have rubber rollers/wheels made from recycled truck tires. Utmost care is taken while delivering and removing dumpsters. The Clutter Buster Bin has a lid that can be locked if required. This lock is provided at an additional charge. 

Bargain Bins provides a budget-friendly residential dumpster service for small household projects. If you need a mini-dumpster rental in Colorado Springs, contact us today