Spring cleaning is an excellent opportunity to get your home organized and refreshed. Turn your next cleanout project into an eco-friendly spring cleaning project by reducing the amount of waste and energy you use. 

Many people may not be aware of the environmental impact that traditional cleaning methods can have. Fortunately, with these eco-friendly tips, you will find effective and sustainable methods to tackle your decluttering project. Here are four ways to practice eco-friendly spring cleaning this season.

Use Old Household Items to Spring Clean

Before you purchase cleaning supplies for spring cleanouts, take a look around your home. Using items you already have on hand not only saves money but also reduces waste. Many items that you might consider throwing away can be repurposed and used as cleaning supplies. For example, old t-shirts or towels can be used as rags. Old newspapers can be used to clean glass surfaces. If you have coffee filters, these can be used to clean electronic items such as your computer or laptop screen. An old pillow case can be used to clean ceiling fans simply by wrapping the case around the blades and slowly pulling it back.

Once you are done cleaning up, you can use old boxes or storage containers to store away items you plan to donate or sell at a later stage. Other storage options can include reusable shopping bags, paper bags, jute bags, and cotton bags. You can even store seasonal clothes in old suitcases to save space and avoid the use of plastic. 

Find Non-Toxic Cleaning Solutions

Traditional cleaning products may contain harmful chemicals that can negatively impact both the environment and your health. Consider swapping them out for non-toxic cleaning solutions and environmentally-friendly products. If you don’t want to purchase new items for your cleaning projects, you can easily make an all-purpose cleaner with a mix of vinegar and baking soda. Add a dash of lemon juice, olive oil, and essential oils for a good scent.

Donate Items That Are Still Useful

Don’t let your unwanted items go to waste during your cleanout project. Donating items not only reduces waste but also helps you to help others in need. Consider donating clothing, furniture, and other household items that are still in good condition to a local charity or thrift store. Put items into a box or carry them by hand (rather than using plastic bags) and drop them off at your local donation center.

Avoid Plastic Bags by Renting a Dumpster

Plastic is harmful to the environment and ocean life. Although biodegradable bags are a better alternative to plastic, they can be expensive to purchase, especially if you have a large cleanout project. Plastic bags are also not strong and can tear during transit. If you have a lot of unwanted junk or yard waste during your spring cleanout, consider renting a dumpster instead of using plastic bags. A dumpster reduces the number of plastic bags that end up in landfills and is less time-consuming than cleanups with plastic bags. Many dumpster rental companies also offer various size options that make it easy to get rid of large, unwanted items.

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