If you find yourself not knowing how to begin with a household cleanout, we can help. Dumpster rental companies like Bargain Bins offer a very convenient way to get rid of trash, broken furniture, old flooring, and many other unwanted items. It’s important to know that not everything can be thrown into a dumpster. Here are some tips on getting rid of different types of household waste.

Non-Hazardous Household Waste and Trash

While liquids, food waste, and hazardous materials are not acceptable in roll-off dumpsters, nearly all other kinds of typical household waste are good to go. Roll-off dumpster rentals are great for getting rid of large items that won’t typically go in your standard residential weekly trash service.

Household waste and trash that are ready for safe disposal include:

  • Furniture
  • Regular garbage (except food waste)
  • Certain appliances

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture poses no serious and hazardous risks to landfills, so these can also be tossed into a Bargain Bins rental dumpster. Like other bulky items, it’s easier to throw wooden furniture away in a rental dumpster than load them up into a truck or trailer and bring them to the dump yourself.

We always suggest that, before throwing away any furniture, you first try to offer it for free on social media, as it may be reused or repurposed by someone who has different needs. You might also check into any recycling options, particularly if it’s made of metal. Many local dumps have special dumpsters specifically for metal recycling.

Household Appliances and Electronics

When talking about household appliances, it refers to smaller appliances like toasters, blenders, microwaves, ovens, etc. These common household items are generally safe to put in a dumpster.

However, it is important to note that not all household appliances can be removed this way. For example, refrigerators and washing machines are not appropriate to be thrown into a dumpster.

Yard Waste

If you haven’t been doing this already, feel free to discard yard waste in a Bargain Bins rental dumpster. Many people rent a dumpster after a huge yard cleanup or a landscape project to get rid of all that was left over and removed.

This includes, but is not limited to, leaves, grass clippings, twigs, tree limbs, flowers, and even dirt. Even if you have heaps of organic materials, you are still allowed to throw them into the dumpster.

Do not throw animal carcasses in any dumpsters.

Construction Debris

If you recently had construction or remodel projects going on, you are more than welcome to throw the debris left behind in the rental dumpster. This debris would include scrap lumber, drywall, concrete, stone, plywood, roofing materials, and even tiles.

Just always remember that you’ll need to be considerate of the total weight, as construction debris, particularly concrete, can quite quickly push the legal weight limits of a rental dumpster.

What Not To Dispose of In Rental Dumpsters

There are some things that you cannot throw into standard residential trash bins, commercial dumpsters, or rental dumpsters.

Items that aren’t accepted in rental dumpsters, and require proper disposal are:

  • Chemicals and other hazardous materials (including cleaning fluids).
  • Industrial waste & adhesives.
  • Fuel and gas tanks, motor oil, and fuel.
  • Medical infectious waste (like syringes or bodily fluids) and animal carcasses.
  • Inks, resins, asbestos, & paints (paint cans that have dried up are okay to throw in dumpsters).
  • Batteries & tires.
  • Appliances like fridges and air conditioners.

Disposal of these items is regulated by the EPA, and it is illegal to send them to landfills.

If you need a rental dumpster to dispose of junk and other household items or even debris from construction, contact Bargain Bins today to rent a dumpster. We have different-sized dumpsters to cater to your junk removal needs. We’ll handle things from there so that there is less stress for you.