Large scale clean ups are nothing short of daunting. The task itself inspires dread and fear and the disposal of the resulting trash is a nightmare too.  When a family needs to remove a large amount of garbage, they need to consider the best way to do it. Here are some tips for getting a big job done.

Estimate the Size of Your House or Building

It’s simple enough to calculate the square footage of the house or building you will be cleaning out. If it is just one room – such as a basement, garage, or attic – it is really easy to estimate the size of the space and what you will require for the task. Convey this information to the waste management company you are dealing with, and they will be able to advise what size dumpster you will need.

What Types of Junk or Debris Do You Have?

It is important to know what you will be throwing away. Is it high volume or high mass? Or both? You will also need to know if there is any hazardous material in the garbage as hazardous waste removal is a highly specialized task and cannot be placed in a rented dumpster.

Entrepreneurs have started thriving businesses cleaning out houses that have been foreclosed on by banks and lenders. For the past 15 years or so, lenders have been inundated with foreclosures and have a large backlog of properties which need to be cleaned out. These large scale clean ups need large dumpsters – big enough to dispose of appliances like ovens and water heaters; household finishes like moldings, old floorboards, shelves, cabinets and even window frames.

Calculate the Scale of the Cleanup

Whether you are helping Grandma relocate from the home she has lived in for fifty years and into her new retirement village, or simply decluttering your home; whether it is an entire office building or just a room in the house, waste industry professionals will tell you that people always underestimate the amount of trash a project will generate. The amount of waste is measured in cubic yards – three feet by three feet.

Trash bags are not the answer for any large-scale cleanup as they do not handle much weight. You also have to consider the environmental impact of loads of single-use plastic. A dumpster or waste bin offers a more sustainable option.

Determine the Best Solution for Your Project

You need to decide on the best method of completing the job at hand. For a big cleanup, you will either:

  • Hire a junk removal service to handle the job for you. This is costly and you do not get to assess everything that gets thrown away.
  • Do the cleanup yourself and haul away the trash using your truck or trailer. Naturally, this might seem to save on costs but may not be ideal. Wear and possible damage to your vehicle, the cost of the dump fee, and your additional time all factor into the cost of doing it all yourself.
  • Do the cleanup yourself and rent a dumpster. This presents a great solution as you have the opportunity of assessing everything that is kept, recycled, thrown away, or donated. You also have the luxury of time to fill the dumpster as opposed to filling up a truck or trailer that you need elsewhere. The dumpster rental period of a week is very convenient for most homeowners. 

Get Several Quotes

There are many dumpster rental companies which offer what you need for a big or small cleanup. Contact one that is a local expert for Colorado Springs and get a free quote and expert advice for your job. Bargain Bins are the professionals for dumpster rental in Colorado Springs and surrounding areas, offering years of experience.

Let us make handling large scale clean ups a breeze!