Renting a dumpster for your home or office building is a simple process. However, ensuring the safety and security of the dumpster and its adjoining areas needs a little planning. Bargain Bins explains how you can enhance safety for the well-being of those using the dumpster.

Safety measures once your rental dumpster has been delivered

Once your rental dumpster has been delivered, you need to take responsibility for the safety and security of your family or employees and those using the dumpster. Bargain Bins reviews the following safety tips to ensure your dumpster area is a safe  space:

  1. When feasible, keep the area where the dumpster is placed locked, especially from unauthorized personnel.
  2. Always check and maintain the locks and latches of the dumpster area.
  3. If you rented the Clutter Buster, ensure the lids of the dumpster are always closed to avoid animals entering or other hazards.
  4. Avoid smoking or letting others smoke near the dumpster.
  5. Always wear safety gloves when handling the dumpster (opening and closing of lids and doors or loading and unloading).
  6. Keep the dumpster area clean to avoid fires, especially when there are boxes or papers dumped in it.
  7. In commercial areas, entering the dumpster area should be preceded by a thorough check to ensure no one is lurking.
  8. If you need to visit the dumpster at night, always ensure you are accompanied by someone.

Rental dumpster permits

It is common for cities and municipalities to require a permit before its residents are allowed to place a rental dumpster, especially if it is on the street. Permit regulations may vary from state to state and understanding the legalities of your location can ensure you remain compliant. In Colorado Springs, you will need a permit only if the dumpster is placed in the street.

If you are looking to obtain a permit for your rental dumpster, you will be required to contact one of the following in your location:

  1. The Public Works Department
  2. The Building Department
  3. Your homeowners or neighborhood association

Renting a dumpster in Colorado Springs may require a temporary permit if you need to place the bin in the street. Please refer to this page for more detailed information.

How to stop illegal dumping in your rental waste dumpster

Nothing can be more frustrating than spending your hard-earned money on a rental dumpster and finding trespassers or strangers dumping their own trash into it. This seems to be a common occurrence across cities in the U.S. Legally speaking, it is against the law to dump trash into a dumpster that is located on private property unless there is permission from the renter/owner of the dumpster. Illegal dumping is a misdemeanor that can result in possible jail time and/or fines. It can be a felony if it involves hazardous materials. Bargain Bins outlines the following tips and tricks to prevent illegal dumping in your rental dumpster:

  1. Place the dumpster in an enclosed area such as within a fence.
  2. When not in use, cover the dumpster with a tarp and bungee cords. This is also helpful as it helps keep the waste dry even in the event of rain. Remember, a wet load of waste is much heavier than one that is dry, and there are weight restrictions based on the size of the dumpster.
  3. Place the dumpster in an area that is well-lit as this can prevent trespassers from entering the area.
  4. If possible, load the dumpster in a day and schedule a quick pickup. This is because the longer it stays at your property, the more the chances of illegal dumping.
  5. Place a ‘No Trespassing’ sign that can thwart most trespassers.
  6. At the end of the rental, the renter is ultimately responsible for the contents in the dumpster. It is a good idea to consider a camera to record the area around the dumpster.

For more information on permits and the safety and security of your rental dumpsters, contact Bargain Bins today!