Are you and your neighbors planning a community cleanup drive? Great idea! Not only is it a great way to get rid of any trash that has been collecting on your streets, sidewalks and parks, but it is also a perfect opportunity to bring the community together, get to know your neighbors better, and foster a sense of community pride in the area you all call home. From a practical perspective, you should consider renting a roll-off dumpster for a neighborhood cleanup. It makes the job much easier and all the trash you have collected will be hauled away in one easy trip once you are done. Here are three reasons why a dumpster rental should be an important step in your neighborhood cleanup plan. 

It’s a quick way to remove trash 

When planning your cleanup, you should give serious thought as to where the trash is all going to go once it has been collected. Perhaps some pick-up truck owners will volunteer to drive it to the dump. Or you can leave it all for the garbage collectors – which usually have additional fees for the extra bags of trash. A dumpster is by far the most convenient and efficient option. Everyone involved can simply toss their trash into the dumpster, filling it up as they go. Then, once the job is done, you can all relax, maybe socialize a little, and call the dumpster rental company to come and collect the bin. It is quick and easy.

Safer work environment 

In addition to convenience, a dumpster also offers safety. Since you will be clearing the trash away as you go, the area in which you are working will be clean and clear of any potential obstructions. The people involved in your cleanout, which will probably include both adults and kids, will be able to move more freely, with less concern for stepping or tripping on things and sustaining injuries. Any items that might be hazardous if left on the sidewalk can be tossed into the bin immediately, where they will be well out of everybody’s way.

Save time and money

Simply put, renting a dumpster for your neighborhood cleanup will save time and money for everyone concerned. Nobody has to worry about extra wear on their vehicles as they carry bags of garbage to the dump, or paying any tipping fees. You can all chip in for the dumpster rental, which is a small and insignificant cost in comparison – especially when it is shared – and that will be it. 

Contact Bargain Bins to book the perfect roll-off dumpster for your neighborhood clean-up project. It is affordable and makes the entire project so much easier. Take a look at the dumpsters we offer, choose the right size for your clean-up project, and book the right bin for your project. If you need any advice about what dumpster to rent, where to place it, or what you can put in it, check out our guidelines or give us a call.