Branches, tree stumps, leaves, lumber, and more: all part of the territory when it comes to landscaping projects. Everything you cut, chop or dig up has to be disposed of somehow. Even if you have a pickup truck and the time to load it up, drive it to the town dump, and unload it, why should you bother? This takes up much more of your time, and you risk damage to your vehicle. There is a much easier way. Here are three reasons why renting a dumpster is the best option for a landscaping project.

You Can Combine Different Types of Waste

With most other options, you will need to dispose of everything separately. Who has time for that? When you rent a dumpster, you can throw nearly everything in there. Whether you have torn up an old deck and have several pounds of old lumber to get rid of, or you need to toss out an old barbecue – or both – a dumpster rental can handle it all. Everything from leaves and branches to patio furniture and old fencing can all be thrown into your roll-off dumpster. You don’t have to think about it – just toss it in and let your dumpster rental company come haul it away for you.

You Don’t Have to Break Things Up or Bag Them

Forget about wasting time and money on refuse bags. Plus, you don’t need to cut or break anything into smaller pieces to make them fit in your ordinary trash bins. Regardless of the size and weight of your garden and landscaping refuse items, you can simply throw them into the dumpster. There is no bagging and no bundling necessary. Just throw things out as you cut them away or dig them up.

You can get rid of dirt, rocks, or bricks

If your yard work includes digging up and disposing of rocks, bricks, and old paving stones, then it is even more critical that you get a dumpster. All of these materials can be thrown into a Bargain Bins dumpster, even chunks of old concrete. You can just throw it in there alongside your tree stumps, branches and leaves. 

Clean Out Clutter from Your Home

While you have the dumpster in your yard, you don’t need to confine yourself to landscaping waste alone. Do you have junk inside your home that you have been meaning to get rid of for ages? You can use this opportunity to throw it out too. Broken furniture, old appliances, cabinetry you pulled out of your kitchen years ago, ceramic tiles, toilets or bathtubs: if you have space left in your dumpster after you have cleared your landscaping refuse, just throw it in! 

With a dumpster, you can get your yard work done more quickly and neatly – and you can get someone else to haul the waste away for you. Bargain Bins has a range of roll-off dumpsters for rent, ranging from our 3-cubic-yard clutter buster to our 20-cubic-yard Max 20. Contact us today to rent the right one for your yard work, and you will discover first-hand why renting a dumpster for a landscaping project is the right thing to do.