When using a rental dumpster to assist with your home clean-up, it is important to follow a few fundamental safety procedures to ensure that your cleanout project goes smoothly. It is extremely safe to use a roll-off dumpster for this purpose, but it pays to be conscious and maintain good health and safety practices. Here are five key rental dumpster tips to help you.

Choose the Right Size Dumpster

Make sure that you select a dumpster that is big enough for your clean-up. As a general rule, dumpsters should never be filled past the “fill line” indicated on the dumpster wall, as this can cause problems when the dumpster is collected. Debris could easily fall out of the dumpster during loading or while on the road. Avoid the temptation to get as small a dumpster as you can and then stuff it as full as possible. All of our dumpsters have a fill line to guide you on when your dumpster is full and ready for pickup.

Place It in a Safe Location

It is very important to select the right location for your dumpster. It should be placed close enough to your house to be accessible, but far enough away that safety is not compromised inside the house or near any of its entrances. Most of the time, we place dumpsters in customers’ driveways or at the sides of their houses.

Once you choose the location, make sure the ground is flat and even, can support the weight of the dumpster, and is free of any obstacles.

Keep the Work Area Clear

As your project progresses, check the area around the dumpster regularly to make sure that it is clear of debris and tripping hazards. Make sure that people know to stand clear of the dumpster when items are being thrown into it. 

Don’t Try To Move The Dumpster By Yourself

Dumpsters are heavy even when they are empty. They should only be moved with trucks that are specially fitted to do so. Do not attempt to remove the dumpster or shift its location yourself. Any makeshift plan to do so would generate too many potential hazards, or you might damage the dumpster. When the dumpster is ready to go, let us take it away for you.

Don’t Climb Inside The Dumpster

When you first start loading a dumpster, it is not too much of a problem to get into it. You can still see the bottom, and it may be necessary to carry heavy items in. However, once the dumpster is starting to fill up, you should never climb in. You do not know what you might be stepping on and you could get hurt. Perhaps you threw out a lot of broken glass the day before, which is now scattered around the dumpster with all kinds of other debris. Or you might have exposed nails or screws sticking out of broken furniture orr discarded building scraps. You may not be able to see such a hazard before jumping in. Always make sure that any children also steer clear of the dumpster. They could very easily get hurt.

Using a rental dumpster is not a stressful experience. On the contrary, it is actually very safe and easy. Just be sure to follow these simple guidelines to ensure your safety and that of your family or work crew. Contact Bargain Bins today for more information on our roll-off dumpster rental services, or place an order online.