You can get into a lot of trouble dumping certain items in a dumpster. What are prohibited dumpster items? What can you put in a dumpster without risking fines? Here’s a list of items from unaccepted items to hazardous debris. 

Restricted items

A temporary dumpster rental is for tossing out unwanted items or waste. Some items however cannot be thrown away in your local dumpster rental bins. It’s important to know which items you throw out won’t be accepted as you can get charged for them. 

A rollaway dumpster has different restrictions. There are environmental or safety reasons behind restrictions. For example, there are on-the-go trash bins for household items that may not be suitable or big enough for commercial items. The restricted items will also depend on your location. Some areas have strict environmental and recycling laws so it’s best to check ahead with your dumpster rental company.

Here are some generally restricted items you should avoid throwing into a dumpster:

  • Adhesives: glue, epoxy, tar, or other adhesive material that will stick to the bins
  • Car batteries: lithium batteries and alkaline batteries that can leak and cause damage
  • Lightbulbs: Fluorescent bulbs contain mercury which is unsafe for disposal
  • Food waste: these need to go to trash services, not dumpster services as they can attract rodents and other pests
  • Hot water tanks: these tanks contain harmful gases that can cause damage if they explode
  • Household cleaners, paint, and lacquers: these items contain harmful substances that can explode while being transported
  • Ink: Ink can leak and cause stains in containers
  • Oils and fuels: These products are not only messy but they can also cause explosions 
  • Tires are not accepted at most landfills, so your dumpster rental will likely not get tires
  • Refrigerators & freezers: these contain a hazardous pollutant which must be handled by specialized recovery experts

Hazardous waste

Whether you have a 20-yard dumpster rental or a small dumpster rental, you won’t be able to dump hazardous waste into dumpsters. Apart from being fined, you can get yourself and your dumpster rental company in trouble and cause injury to the parties involved.

Here are examples of hazardous waste items:

  • Flammable waste: These items include ignitable wastes that can quickly start a fire, such as matches, rubbing alcohol, and even nail polish remover. Motor oil or fuel, which can easily ignite with a spark or high heat, are definitely not allowed.
  • Corrosive waste: Corrosive waste can be harmful to human skin. They can cause damage to bins and containers and even harm our precious water supply and wildlife if not properly disposed of. Corrosive waste includes oven cleaners, bleach, and lead batteries.
  • Reactive waste: Reactive wastes include items such as oxygen tanks, aerosol cans, and fertilizer. These items can explode under pressure. They also can create toxic fumes that can harm those around them. Basically, if your items are labeled “do not puncture or burn”, you shouldn’t be putting them in a dumpster bin.
  • Biohazardous waste: Do not put needles, bodily fluids, or animal waste into dumpsters. These can contain infectious diseases that can be harmful to everyone involved.

It’s important to follow the rules when it comes to dumpster use. As mentioned, you can be fined or risk injury to yourself and others if you trash prohibited dumpster items. Bargain Bins has a list of items that we accept in our dumpster bins. Simply let us know what you need to throw out and we can help you out and let you know if we can accept these items.

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