Spring is a great time to get your yard looking its best after the long Colorado winter season. Yard waste can easily make your outdoor space look unwelcoming, but with a little hard work, you can have a beautiful yard to spend time in. Preparing your yard for spring can take some work but we have some tips to help you out. 

Clean Up the Leaves and Pine Needles

It’s likely that your yard accumulated a lot of leaves or pine needles during the fall and winter months. And in the spring, the wet heavy snow tends to break weak branches off trees. Even if you don’t have trees surrounding your yard, leaves and debris from your neighbors can quickly pile up. Apart from leaving your lawn looking unsightly, leaves and pine needles can prevent new growth, and harbor pests and diseases. 

Rake leaves and try to keep them in a pile in the corner of your yard if it isn’t too windy. From there, you can pick them up and dispose of them properly. If you want to avoid plastic bags, rake leaves up and immediately place them in a dumpster for disposal.

Mow Often

As the weather warms up, you might notice your grass starts to grow more quickly. Don’t let your grass get too long as it will encourage pests and disease. Mow your lawn regularly to keep it looking neat and healthy. The ideal mowing height is usually between 2.5 and 3 inches for sodded yards, and more for native Colorado grasses. However, it’s best to not mow the grass too low as this may damage the grass. 

Be sure to keep your mower blades sharp and clean to ensure a clean cut. You can rake up any unsightly leftover leaves and grass afterward to ensure your yard is spotless. 

Get Rid of Tree Stumps

If you have any tree stumps in your yard, now is the time to get rid of them. Stumps can attract pests during the spring and summer months. They are also a tripping hazard especially if you have elderly family members or children around. 

Large tree stumps may be difficult to grind down yourself. If it isn’t too big, you can probably place them in a dumpster. Rent a stump grinder for large stumps and do it yourself or hire a professional tree removal service to take care of it for you. 

Rent a Dumpster to Remove Yard Waste

Yard cleanup projects can accumulate a lot of yard waste and debris, especially if you have a larger space to clean. Instead of multiple trips to a landfill, rent a dumpster to place your branches, leaves, and other yard debris in. Once you fill up your dumpster, the dumpster rental company will haul it away and properly dispose of your ward waste.

Rent the Clutter Buster to Remove Yard Waste

The Clutter Buster is one of the best dumpster bins you can rent for your outdoor spring cleaning needs. It is a 3-yard dumpster rental with driveway-safe rubber wheels that you can easily move as you tackle your yard cleanup. It comes with a secure lid and you rent it out for 7 days(with extra day options available for a small fee), so you don’t have to rush your cleanup. 

Apart from saving you time on multiple trips to the landfill, you will also save money as the Clutter Buster is affordable and comes with a swap-out discount (a special amount off your second bun when your first bin is removed) and a multiple-bin discount (each additional bin delivered at the same time). 

You can place everything from yard waste, wood, drywall, and plastic to metal in the Clutter Buster but there is a weight restriction so be sure to call ahead to find out if it is the right bin size for your yard waste. 

For a budget-friendly and environmentally-friendly way to remove your yard waste, contact our team today.