For us at Bargain Bins, the debate of green bag vs dumpster has only one answer, of course. Known as green bags, construction debris bags, bulk bags, junk bags, portable dumpsters, or fold up dumpsters, these bags have their limitations. A roll

off dumpster like the Clutter Buster Bin from Bargain Bins is the better choice. 

But why would it be the better choice? Here are a few comparisons that should convince you.

Clutter Buster Green Bags
One-time fee that includes delivery and pick-up x
Budget-friendly x
Driveway-safe rubber wheels x
Easily moved x
Lid to secure waste x
Structured sides x
No vertical clearance requirement x
Handles a lot of heavy material x
Can sit on the curb as long as desired x

Reasons to rent a roll off dumpster over the green bag

There are many reasons to rent a roll off dumpster over a green bag. Safety is the first consideration. The sides of the roll off bin are sturdier and higher than the floppy sides of a green bag even if the green bag is manufactured from a strong woven material.

Financially you spend more with a green bag. First, you must buy the bag, then you must arrange for pick-up at an additional fee. With a roll off dumpster from Bargain Bins, the flat fee includes rental, delivery and pick-up. The delivery and pick-up date for the roll off dumpster is at your convenience. 

A green bag must be left 12 feet off the curb. A roll off dumpster can stand on your driveway or anywhere else on the property that is convenient. Because the roll off dumpster is closer to your home, the distance you must carry the discarded material is shorter. With a green bag, you must walk back and forth, all the way to the curb. If you have a large property, this can be very inconvenient. 

When considering green bag vs dumpster, you must also factor in their pick-up. For a green bag to be collected, at least 18 feet of vertical clearance is needed for the truck and crane. A Bargain Bins roll off dumpster has driveway-friendly wheels that make pulling it onto the pick-up truck quick and safe.

Why would you want to leave a dumpster bag close to the curb of your property for a long time? It looks unattractive when the discarded materials bulge out at the sides. A roll off dumpster with its sturdy sides looks neat and can be kept much closer to your home.

If the green bag must be left 12 feet off the curb, it might be on your lawn. When left standing there for a prolonged period, the green bag will damage your grass. Bargain Bins roll off dumpsters have driveway-friendly rubber wheels and can stand for the whole seven-day rental period without damaging your driveway.

You can still schedule a green bag pick-up with us

Not sure our green bag vs dumpster argument convinced you? Even if you choose to purchase a green bag or any other dumpster bag, Bargain Bins can still help you. Yes, we might prefer our Clutter Buster Bin for your waste management, but we can pick up any dumpster bag from your curb or driveway. It saves you time and effort. 

If you’ve already purchased a green bag, place it in your driveway and fill it with junk as you work through your project. Then contact Bargain Bins, and we will haul it away at a better price than you will get by calling the 1-800 number on the bag. 

Bargain Bins cannot haul away bags that include batteries and electronics, but yard waste and certain appliances are acceptable. Please view the materials list on our website for more details.  

Have you heard of our Clutter Buster?

The Clutter Buster is our flagship, bargain-priced, 3-yard residential dumpster from Bargain Bins. It is so lightweight homeowners can move it around outside the home on its rubber wheels. This dumpster has a lid to keep the trash neatly inside. With dimensions of 6’ Length x 3.5’ Width x 4’ Height, the Clutter Buster carries approximately 1.5 pick-up truck loads of waste or just over 6 large 95-gallon residential trash bins.

Bargain Bins services the greater Colorado Springs area. We also serve homeowners and businesses within a twenty-five mile radius of the city. If we solved your green bag vs dumpster question and you prefer a roll off dumpster, call us today.