Imagine you inherited a 1955 Jeep CJ-5 from a favorite uncle. The fully restored Jeep is in immaculate condition and must be kept in the garage. But your garage is packed with junk. You may need a dumpster for the garage cleanout. How do you go about it?

Top tips for cleaning out your garage and basement

Garage organization is all about having a plan. Here are five tips for your garage cleanout. 

1. Rent a dumpster for garage cleanout

One of the first steps is to rent a residential dumpster. The friendly team at Bargain Bins will assist you with your dumpster rental service either by phone or online. Once payment is made, the dumpster will be delivered at the date and time most convenient for you.

The Bargain Bins dumpster rental service offers bins in four sizes. The Clutter Buster Bin comes with a lid and can be moved around comfortably. All Bargain Bins dumpsters are ‘driveway friendly’ as they have rubber rollers/wheels. Here are the four sizes we offer.

2. Toss unnecessary household items

Before you can toss unnecessary household items, you have to find them first. It is best to clear out your garage in sections. Pull everything from a section of the garage into the driveway, where the dumpster for the garage cleanout is standing. Have the dumpster, cardboard boxes, bags or containers available for sorting into keep, discard, recycle or donate categories. 

The ground rules for letting go of any item is whether it has a purpose, and have you used it in the last year? This includes bikes and sports equipment.

3. Recycle

Every house has numerous items available for recycling. Electronics or e-waste are a common item in most households. Electronics should be recycled as this will save energy, lower the carbon footprint, and reduce greenhouse gasses. 

All electronics contain toxic chemicals that are harmful to humans and the environment if they end up in landfills. These toxic chemicals are then found in our soil, water, and air. This is a particularly important consideration in Colorado where we depend on underground aquifers for our fresh water. Legislation does not allow for electronics to be put out on the curb or in waste bins and dumpsters.  

4. Donate

Donations of used clothing and household goods are always welcomed by charitable organizations. But every charity has its guidelines on what they will take. Items that are broken, stained or non-working should not be donated. Also, firearms and ammunition, construction debris, used carpets, paints, fuels and solvents are not accepted at most donation centers.

5. Sell

Be honest with yourself about the value of items. If there are items you want to sell, do some online research to find out if there is a market for your items and what the suggested price bracket is. Then sell them online using convenient services like Facebook Marketplace, NextDoor, or at a yard sale.

Now that your garage is cleared, it is time to give it a good clean to get rid of dirt, stains and general trash. Remove oil stains with cat litter, detergent and brushes. When returning the “keep items” to the garage, group similar items together. 

Place seasonal items such as Christmas decorations in higher reach areas and keep as many things off the garage floor as possible. Do this with the use of a pegboard, hooks, cabinets, shelves and bins. Consider giving every family member their own locker in the garage. Stand items such as shovels and rakes in a large bin or use wall hooks. Outline your tools on the pegboard as keeping track is easier when it is literally drawn on the wall. 

Bargain Bins is locally owned, with a special focus on the residential market within twenty-five miles of Colorado Springs. If you want a dumpster for your garage cleanout, contact us today.