The benefits of a residential dumpster are many. Sometimes you don’t even realize how convenient they are until you rent one for the first time. Bargain Bins offers affordable, driveway-friendly residential dumpsters to homeowners. Here are five benefits of renting a residential dumpster.

1. Dumpster rental is more economical than garbage removal

The trash pickup service of every neighborhood varies. Some residents receive weekly garbage collection services from the local solid waste management department. Private waste removal companies serve other communities. Bargain Bins offers various container sizes and has the right solution for your disposal needs.

Dumpster rental is more economical than garbage removal for the following reasons: 

  • Dumpster rental removes more types of waste materials.
  • Disposal of larger quantities of waste materials takes place via a dumpster
  • Dumpster rental removes larger items
  • The dumpster rental period is longer.

Our standard rates are for seven days. The price includes delivery, removal and disposal for dumpsters within allowed weight limits. For customers located in the Bargain Bins coverage area, there are no additional fuel surcharges or delivery fees.

Bargain Bins residential dumpsters come in four sizes:

Dimensions (length x width x height): 6’ x 3’5” x 4’

Approximate rental rate per 7 days* $140

Dimensions (length x width x height): 12’ x 8’ x 4’9”

Approximate rental rate per 7 days* $230

Dimensions (length x width x height): 12’ x 8’ x 5’4”

Approximate rental rate per 7 days* $255

Dimensions (length x width x height): 12’ x 8’ x 6’11”

Approximate rental rate per 7 days* $295

*Please view the latest rental rates on the Bargain Bins website.

There is a greater chance of your preferred dumpster size being available if you make a reservation in advance. A full refund will be given if the order is cancelled 48 hours before the scheduled delivery date.

2. You don’t always need a permit for a residential dumpster

You do not need a permit for a residential dumpster if you place the Bargain Bins dumpster in your driveway. If you are a member of a Homeowner’s Association (HOA), they might have regulations regarding dumpster rentals you must follow.

Homeowners are responsible for checking with their local municipality to determine if a permit is required to place a residential dumpster in the street. The City of Colorado Springs requires a Temporary Revocable Permit at a $50 fee. Approval for this permit can take two to four days, so please consider this when planning your dumpster rental dates.

3. You don’t need to be home for delivery and pickup

Homeowners do not have to be at home during delivery and removal of Bargain Bins residential dumpsters. During the rental confirmation process, we ask that the homeowner indicate where they want the bin placed. If Bargain Bins has any concerns when arriving on-site, we may call to confirm the proper placement of the dumpster. Give Bargain Bins a call at least twenty-four hours before pickup is desired.                                                

4. You can save space in a tight garage

It is surprising how many unwanted items end up in the garage. Cars are often parked on the driveway until a good garage clean-out is done. Space will be saved in a tight garage when these items are sorted and thrown into the residential dumpster placed close to the garage.

5. You don’t need to transport items to the landfill

Instead of transporting waste materials to the local landfill, you can dump them in the Bargain Bins residential dumpster. Convenient placement on your driveway is one of the additional benefits of a residential dumpster. Use the dumpster at your convenience for the duration of the rental period, which is typically 1 week.

For safety and environmental reasons, do not discard certain materials in Bargain Bins residential dumpsters. The list of allowable materials include:

  • Construction debris: bricks, drywall, bathtubs, cabinets, doors, flooring, toilets, sinks, siding and windows.
  • Household goods: furniture, carpets, rugs, broken toys, bikes and old luggage.
  • Garden waste: leaves, mulch, sand, shrubs, sod, tree clippings and other yard waste. 

A full list of acceptable and unacceptable materials is available on the Bargain Bins website.

Bargain Bins is locally owned and serves residents within twenty-five miles of Colorado Springs. There are many benefits to using a residential dumpster rental service. To make a reservation, call us today.