Converting every asset in a house into cash is an arduous task for sure! One way to make sure the process runs more smoothly is to rent an estate sale dumpster.

A prudent way to liquidate a collection of assets, an estate sale is most commonly held when someone passes away. However, other reasons may include a divorce, bankruptcy, or a desire to scale down.

Initial Cleanouts Before an Estate Sale

Whatever the reason for your estate sale, a thorough cleanup is always part of the process:

  • Check “secret” places such as coat pockets, inside tins, and under drawers.
  • Locate and store financial documents e.g., wills, life insurance policies, real estate deeds and titles, stock certificates, expired credit cards, 401(k) records, checkbooks, bank statements, and tax returns. Err on the side of caution, as missing paperwork can cause costly and frustrating delays.
  • Set aside personal and sentimental items like family photos. Take Marie Kondō’s advice, and keep what sparks joy and happy memories in you. This might be the hardest task involved in winding down an estate, as once you have discarded something, there is no turning back. At the same time, nostalgia and sentimental feelings make decluttering a space very difficult.

 Things That Aren’t Sold Will Need to be Disposed of

A surprisingly wide variety of items can be sold. It will be up to you to decide whether it is worth offering something for purchase, for free, or is it easier just to toss it. One estate sales services company shared some of the less likely things they have sold:

  • Computers – even those you might regard as prehistoric. Be sure to clear the hard drive of all personal information before selling it to protect yourself from unscrupulous buyers.
  • Old license plates – the older the better – can fetch quite a bit (up to $500). Colorado state law does not allow another person’s old license plates to be registered to new cars, but they can be sold for decorative purposes.
  • Firearms aren’t often part of an estate sale, but according to Colorado law, anyone can privately sell one. However, unless you have a license to sell, you must have a licensed gun dealer run a background check on the buyer.
  • Makeup and cosmetics are other surprising items that sell at estate sales.

The property you are dealing with need not be full of debris and trash to warrant the use of dumpster services. These items cannot be sold at estate sales:

  • Alcohol can only be sold under a special license.
  • Used baby goods such as car seats, cribs, and highchairs come with ever-changing standards of safety. Avoid being liable for outdated equipment.

Not only will disposing of valueless items make shopping more attractive to buyers, but you can also use the rented bin to clean up the property itself. Get a dumpster for yard debris and spruce up the place to make a lucrative first impression with potential buyers.

Rent a Dumpster to Make the Process Run Smoothly

Junk removal is as stressful as it is cathartic! The stress comes into play when making decisions about what to keep and what to throw out. The logistics of bagging, loading up, and carting off all the unwanted articles is another potential nightmare.

Dumpster rentals go a long way to ensuring a smooth estate buyout preparation process. Yours for seven days, you can simply dump what you no longer need or want.

For top class service, submit an online request to rent an estate sale dumpster and one of the helpful team members at Bargain Bins will get back to you with just the right weight, volume, and placement solution for your cleanup.