Determining the best spot for your dumpster placement deserves careful planning. You need to choose the best spot for easy access and safety. Certain areas are better than others. Not sure where to keep your rollaway dumpster or move out dumpster rental? We have some tips to help you out below!

Compare dumpster size to your available space

Have a 20-yard dumpster rental or a small dumpster rental? Either way, the dumpster size will determine where you need to place the bin. If you live in a city or busy residential area, you might find yourself with space limitations. You might find yourself taking up a lot of driveway space that interferes with your neighbors. If you have a small office or home, a large dumpster might not be the best choice either. Not only will you struggle with space but you might end up annoying your family members or roommates who need to access your home.

There is a solution if you have a small space. You can consider a smaller bin or container that can be switched out. That way you can fit the smaller bin anywhere. If you choose discount dumpster rental from Bargain Bins, you could rent a 3-yard clutter buster and get more bins at a great rate. Each additional bin (delivered at the same time) is just $85 from us and will fit into your smaller space. A double win!

Access to the dumpster should require minimal effort

It may fit but you might have obstacles. Look for any obstacles that are in the way before you move your dumpster. You may have enough room around your home but you could have items that make it difficult for the bin to fit. Check your fence size, trees, and doorways. Do a trial walk to the dumpster placement area and check if there’s anything in your way. If it’s clear, you are good to go!

When you hire a dumpster from Bargain Bins, we do the placement for you so you don’t have to worry. Just ensure the pathway is clear so we roll out the dumpster for you. We will call you to confirm the placement before arrival.

Look for areas that are close to the worksite or door

You don’t want to tire yourself out halfway through your cleanup. Make sure your dumpster is placed as near to your worksite or door as possible. It will reduce the amount of work you’ll need to do and make things convenient for everyone helping you out. Some areas may have restrictions on dumpsters. You may not be allowed to keep a large dumpster in a workspace or suburb for a long period. Check your local laws before you call a dumpster rental company as you can risk getting fined if your dumpster is placed in these prohibited areas.

Dumpster placement can be tricky. You need a temporary revocable permit from the City of Colorado Springs for certain areas. The permit may take two to four days for approval with a $50 fee. If you need assistance, don’t hesitate to speak to the professionals at Bargain Bins. We have been doing this for a long time and we can help you out as much as possible with the permit applications, as well as provide advice for the best dumpster placement. 

For effective dumpster placement and the best local dumpster rental, give our team a call today!