Ensure Successful Home Junk Removal With Rental Dumpsters

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Ensure Successful Home Junk Removal With Rental Dumpsters

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A home junk removal project can become overwhelming without assistance. Regardless of the size of your home, you might find yourself with more unwanted items than you can handle. Rental dumpsters are a great tool for home clean-ups. Renting a dumpster will help you get rid of a number of unwanted and heavy items that would’ve been difficult to remove without assistance. Learn how you can successfully navigate your home junk removal with dumpster rentals in this guide.

When Should I Rent a Dumpster for My Home Cleanup?

There are many situations that require dumpster rentals. You may find that even a simple project can become time-consuming. Larger projects often require heavy lifting and multiple trips to the junkyard. Whether it’s a large or small move, a dumpster service makes it easier for you to get rid of your household items. Here are a few occasions when dumpster rentals are the best option:

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reasons for a homeowner to rent a residential dumpster
  • Moving project. When you’re getting ready to move into a new home, you will certainly accumulate a number of unwanted items. Items that cannot be donated or sold at a yard sale will have to be tossed. Depending on the volume of junk you have, you may not be able to carry these items and load them into your vehicle on your own. Renting a dumpster helps you clean out the clutter without having to do the heavy lifting or arranging of transportation. Simply place items into the dumpster, and Bargain Bins will be your junk removal helper by picking up the full dumpster and hauling it to the dump for you.
  • Garage cleanout. Garage junk removal projects are a difficult process. This is because usually most people use garages as storage spaces, which eventually leads to a very cluttered space. During your garage cleanup project, you might find a few items that are worth throwing away. A garage sale, however, may not always be the most convenient solution. A dumpster rental service, on the other hand, is a convenient, timely, and cost-effective way to get rid of unwanted items taking up space in your garage.
  • Renovation or remodeling project. Renovation or remodeling projects often end up looking similar to demolition projects. Whether you are remodeling a bedroom or kitchen, you will have to endure a lot of dirt and debris. A dumpster rental can help you reduce the amount of cleanup you will need after your home renovation project is complete. Dumpsters can be useful to collect scrap drywall, old carpet, scrap lumber, metal, insulation, and other debris that occurs during these renovation projects.
  • Storm cleanup or yard waste projects. Harsh weather conditions or changing seasons can lead to damage to your property and yard. Renting a dumpster can make your cleanup a lot easier. Roll-off dumpsters are the perfect solution for cleanup projects around your property or yard, as they can be placed on your property that is both accessible by the delivery truck and closest to your work area.

The Difference Between Dumpster Rentals and Trash Removal

Trash and waste may seem synonymous, but their disposal processes differ. There are certain items that you cannot throw in the trash, and there are certain items that cannot be placed in a dumpster. Waste refers to items that usually cannot be recycled. Food leftovers, cigarette butts, and non-recyclable plastic are considered waste items.

Junk, on the other hand, refers to material or items that are too heavy or large to be placed in a trash bin to be collected on trash day. These can be unwanted broken appliances, torn or old clothes, or even furniture.

Waste is placed into trash bags or bins and collected by trash removal services on a weekly basis. These items can normally decompose or become toxic if they are around your home, so they need to be disposed of regularly. Junk removal by way of a roll off dumpster rental service is a very convenient way to get rid of unwanted items that would otherwise take up space on your property, in your garage, or in your basement.

Neither dumpster rentals nor trash removal companies can dispose of hazardous materials. If you have combustible or hazardous waste, you must dispose of it separately in the appropriate facilities. You may have to pay disposal fees to get rid of these materials. If you have items that can be recycled or reused, it’s best to drop them off at a recycling center before calling a dumpster rental service to remove the remaining items.

When it comes to costs, both waste and junk removal are affordable. Waste removal usually requires a monthly fee for all of your household waste. Although you can get rid of junk on your own, dropping it off at city dumps may be both time intensive and costly, depending on the number and weight of items you have. Utilizing a dumpster rental service for junk removal, however, will have your items placed in a dumpster, picked up and disposed of for a more affordable fee.

What to Keep or Throw Away During Junk Removal from Homes

What to Keep or Throw Away During Junk Removal from Homes

Cleanout projects are seemingly endless, but if you tackle one room at a time, you’ll be able to easily achieve a full home cleanout. It’s best to start with larger items, such as kitchen appliance removal, and move to smaller items later on.

Here are some items to consider throwing away when decluttering:

  • Heavy materials are taking up space, such as old tables, chairs, broken coffee machines, couches, tree logs, or attic items.
  • Kitchen items: duplicate or old utensils, broken toasters, old pots, and pans.
  • Bedroom items: bedsheets and pillowcases that are stained or old, old pillows, mattresses, clothing, and shoes that cannot be donated.
  • Garage and attic items.
  • Yard waste, lawn ornaments, and old lawnmowers (free of any fluids).
  • Things that you bought on vacation as souvenirs but are never going to use.

There are also items you should not throw away, including:

  • Important documents such as ID documents, passports, and birth certificates.
  • Tax invoices and tax documents up to five years old
  • Any letters that contain important details, such as old bills. If you have a lot of documents you aren’t going to use, make sure you shred them up first for your security.
  • Family heirlooms you may want to pass down to your kids or grandkids.
  • Old photographs or photo albums.
  • Expensive items such as fine china, collectibles, or antiques.

Disposal of Different Unwanted Household Items in Rental Dumpsters

A dumpster rental cannot accept all household items. It’s important you consult a dumpster rental company if you are unsure whether to place items in the dumpster. If you throw away an item that is prohibited, a junk removal company will not pick up your dumpster for disposal, and you may be charged extra just for the inconvenience.

Here are some times that a dumpster rental company may let you place in your dumpster:

Non-hazardous household trash.

Non-hazardous trash such as furniture, yard waste, and everyday household items will be acceptable materials for a dumpster rental. If you have old cans and plastic bags, these may be accepted too, depending on the junk removal company you choose.

Wooden items.

If you have wooden furniture around the house such as coffee tables or stools that you are no longer using, these can be placed in a dumpster. Even wood from fireplaces, fallen trees, or sticks can be accepted as long as it does not scratch or damage the dumpster.

Yard waste and some dirt.

Dirt such as (uncontaminated) soil, leaves, or old flowers can be thrown away. If you have old cardboard and plastic wrappers, you can toss these out too.

Demolition debris.

Drywall, small stones, and tiles can be placed in dumpsters, but be cautious of dumpster weight limits. Dumpster rental companies have to abide by legal weight limits, and sometimes items such as heavy concrete and bricks are too heavy for the dumpster.

Non-acceptable items include:

  • Toxic or hazardous waste
  • Electronics
  • Medical waste
  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Carcasses
  • Chemicals
  • Fluorescent bulbs
  • Food waste
  • Freezers
  • Fuel, oil, and paint
  • Wet glue

Strategies for Cost-Effective Removal of Junk from Homes

What goes into the dumpster

If you require a more affordable junk removal and cleanup process, try these tips:

Choose an affordable dumpster selection.

You may consider a smaller dumpster if you are trying to save money, but multiple smaller dumpsters might be more costly than renting one larger dumpster. If you are unsure of how many dumpsters you might need, it’s best to ask Bargain Bins or simply choose a larger size.

Choose a company with fair pricing.

If you have heavier items or a lot of items, it is going to cost more to rent a dumpster. Not all junk removal companies or dumpster rental companies are affordable. A junk removal company with a national chain might be more costly than a local company. Do your research to find out if affordable options are available to you.

Sort and label your household items.

Dumpster rentals have a weight limit. There are several household items that you can donate or recycle. Make a list of your household items and label them into categories according to donation, dumpster, and recycling items.

After you drop off your donation items to a charity and your recycling items at a recycling center, you may find yourself with fewer items, which will help you reduce your dumpster rental costs.

Consider hiring help.

If the convenience and cost-savings of renting a roll off dumpster appeal to you, but you aren’t physically able to lift and load all the heavy items, consider hiring some local teenagers or asking your friends to help with loading the heavy stuff.

Tips for Maintaining Your Newly Organized Home

Junk removal isn’t always the most pleasant experience, but it sure leaves you with a sense of relief. After your junk is removed, it’s important to keep your home clutter-free to avoid having to repeat the cleanup process. Here are some tips to help you maintain your newly organized home:

Avoid hoarding.

Avoid keeping items if you aren’t going to use them for over a year. Seasonal items such as snow blowers are acceptable to keep around, but if you bought a pair of uncomfortable boots you don’t plan on wearing or have a broken appliance you don’t intend on fixing, it’s time to throw it away.

Don’t use your garage as a storage space.

Your garage shouldn’t be used as a storage facility. Even a few items can add up to a lot of clutter. If possible, rent out a storage space or avoid storing items altogether by having a garage sale.

Follow a minimalist lifestyle.

Minimalism is the process of keeping only essential items. Minimalists try to live in the moment and not hold on to material items. Keeping items that you use and avoiding buying new items may help you keep your home clutter-free.

If all else fails, keep the Bargain Bins team number on standby. We can help you with complete junk removal to declutter your home. If you prefer to rent a dumpster, we have affordable dumpsters available for all your junk removal needs.

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