Dumpster Rentals are Beneficial for Both Homeowners and Contractors

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Dumpster Rentals are Beneficial for Both Homeowners and Contractors

Rent a roll off dumpster

Most homes and businesses don’t need a permanent dumpster to dispose of the excess waste they produce. Instead, dumpster rentals can be an excellent option for the clean-up of any commercial or residential project including cleanouts, construction, or remodeling. During these projects, it is important to have a designated spot that can hold all the waste. Bargain Bins recommends renting a roll-off dumpster for the job that can hold all the debris avoiding several unnecessary trips to the dump. At the end of the project, the dumpster can be hauled away safely, and the waste can be sent for disposal. So, what are some of the benefits of renting a roll-off dumpster?

  1. Through the safe storage and collection of debris and waste, job sites or home environments are safer for everyone.
  2. Several kinds of waste such as construction debris, furniture, carpets, Landscaping waste and other materials can be discarded in dumpsters, making them the versatile choice for any site.
  3. Hiring professionals such as Bargain Bins for your waste removal needs ensures you are compliant with state and federal regulations.
  4. As all the trash can be picked up and hauled away in one trip, hiring a dumpster service can cut down CO2 emissions, making it the environmentally friendly option too.

Reasons why homeowners need dumpster rentals for residential waste

Dumpsters are not just used for commercial waste requirements, and they are frequently used for residential projects such as renovations, move in / move outs and yard clean-ups too.

Home renovations & remodels

Residential renovations and remodels can be of different types – construction of a new room, tearing down walls, or expanding sections of the house. Bargain Bins offers a range of high-quality, efficient and affordable dumpsters for rent for any given residential project. The most common home renovations include bathroom or kitchen remodels, basement finishing, tile or floor replacements, renovating driveways or exterior walkways and the like. With Bargain Bins, you can be rest assured we will collect and remove the leftover debris such as drywall, countertops, concrete or carpets with our dumpster rentals. There are legal weight limits, so please refer to our weight limits document for more information.

For your convenience, Bargain Bins offers dumpsters from 3 yards up to 20 yards, which is enough for most home renovation projects. For reference, 3 yards would be about the same as one and half pickup truck loads, and 20 yards would be about the same as 10 pickup truck loads. For more guidance on what size is appropriate for your project, refer to our sizing & pricing page or simply give us a call!

Home renovations & remodels
roll off container

Pruning and landscaping

It is a common misconception that dumpsters are only needed for interior waste or cleanups. Advanced residential landscaping, pruning and yard work may produce huge amounts of waste and debris. Thus, before you begin chopping down trees or uprooting your entire yard, consider renting a roll-off dumpster that can store all the waste and haul it to the dump, whenever required. 

This is also a good option as, most times, residential garbage service does not take all types of waste. In such a situation, you can be in a bind trying to clear your premises or worse, be fined by the homeowner’s association for the mess created in the neighborhood. Thus, it is always important to plan ahead and think smart!

Household decluttering

Decluttering or cleaning out your home can be a cathartic process. But once you have sold all you can on eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and your fun little yard sale, there still may be more stuff that needs to be hauled away. We understand that clean-out projects can vary in scope, but they commonly consist of furniture, carpeting and general items from the kitchen, living room, garage, basement, etc. Renting a dumpster can give you a space to hold these items before they are disposed of, giving you the fresh perspective you need without all the clutter.

Household decluttering

The convenience of construction waste dumpsters for contractors

Commercial dumpsters are the containers you usually find at parking lots, restaurants, construction sites or gas stations. They are generally parked on a permanent basis with regular pickups for the disposal of trash.

Whether you are a contractor or business owner, dumpster rentals can be one of the most viable solutions for efficient waste removal at your site. With Bargain Bins, you can enjoy our high-quality services at affordable prices. Our friendly staff is experienced to help steer you in the right direction while choosing dumpster type, placement, size and other logistical information. The most common commercial dumpsters are available in the following specifications:

  1. 12-15 yard dumpster: These are ideal for businesses who carry out small-scale renovations or remodels.
  2. 20 yard dumpster: These are suited for medium-scale construction, remodels, and larger landscaping projects.

Read on to find out how our dumpster rentals can be used by contractors:

Construction and demolition

At the outset, it is important for a contractor to determine certain aspects of the site before renting a commercial dumpster. These include the type of materials to be disposed of, the amount that will be collected, how long the construction/demolition will last and the like. Thus, planning these in advance can allow for the most efficient business decisions, including which dumpster rental services to hire and why. Afterall, managing a construction site is no child’s play with budgetary restraints, deadlines, safety standards and on-site operations to take care of – why not let experts such as Bargain Bins handle waste management?

As you may be aware, Construction and Demolition (C&D) debris is unlike regular waste. Neither can these heavy debris be tossed into a garbage bin nor are they collected by our friendly neighborhood garbage collectors. Thus, C&D debris such as concrete, bricks, plaster and drywall need to be collected and disposed of using large dumpsters that can keep your construction and demolition sites organized. Bargain Bins also offers quick pickup and delivery so your site stays clean.

As mentioned previously, choosing the right dumpster size is key in controlling costs. How can our various dumpsters can be used across projects:

  1. 12 yard dumpster: This is the smallest size and can fit approximately six pickup truck loads.
  2. 15 yard dumpster: When in doubt, it is recommended to rent a 15 yard dumpster that can hold approximately 7.5 pickup truck loads.
  3. 20 yard dumpster: Larger construction or renovation crews working on bigger projects prefer the 20 yard dumpster that can hold about 10 pickup trucks loads in a go.

Concrete and building debris

Concrete and building debris

If you are a contractor or a construction site owner, you know how difficult it is to tear up concrete. Is it fair then that you should also worry about its disposal? In smaller projects such as tearing down a wall or larger ones such as demolitions, you need an efficient dumpster rental service that can help you remove the concrete, asphalt and other building materials from your premises. Generally there are two types of debris that can be collected in a concrete dumpster:

  1. Clean concrete: This concrete is devoid of excessive metals or other contaminants.
  2. Mixed heavy debris: This type of trash is a combination of concrete along with brick, block or asphalt.

15 to 20 yard dumpsters are ideal for driveway and slab removals, wall teardowns, residential or commercial renovations and demolitions. Again, refer to the legal weight restrictions when planning your project.

Dirt and rubble

Despite being organic and safe for the environment, dirt often cannot just be tossed into the garbage bins. Even dumping it in forests or parks can land you in trouble with the state or federal authorities, or other private property owners. Instead, it is recommended to rent a dumpster, which is ideal for soil compound removal or projects that involve yard debris. These can be useful for excavating or landscaping companies that tend to produce large amounts of dirt or rubble during their projects.

It is important to remember that dirt is denser than other construction debris, making it heavier as well. Determine the approximate weight of the dirt you will be hauling into the dumpster as the weight limit of a dumpster is a determining factor of the price. If you go above the weight limit, you may be liable to pay approximately $80 per ton extra. For peace of mind, though, contact the experts at Bargain Bins who can give you an accurate estimate on the amount of dirt accumulated in your project and the recommended dumpster size as well.

An important tip from Bargain Bins is to always evaluate the weight of the trash you will be putting in the dumpster. This is because landfills do not charge by volume but by weight, and you do not want to be caught off guard!

As a residential or commercial property owner, you have a lot on your mind, and we want to help you take the guesswork out of efficient waste management. Forget mindless bundles or paperwork or waiting eons for an estimate. Contact our experienced staff today for an evaluation and quote on any residential or commercial project. Together, let’s clean up!